Memories Part 1: The Gathering


Author's endnote.

It has taken two years and five months almost to the day to reach this point. I wish to thank Gunrunner and Dakota for their input into this final chapter of Part One. I have immensely enjoyed writing this, and wish to thank all of the readers out there who have stuck with it through the long waits. I could not have made it this far without reader input. Thanks to the Pups (Ghost and Dakota) and TSL for their ideas and critiques in the last few chapters. Thanks to Slash, Moonwolf, and Art for their help and support in the beginning. I must publicly thank Comicality for getting me started in his little corner of the web; I had no idea at the time it would get this big! Thanks to August for setting it up so that us writers have a place to be, and thanks to Jeff and Gary for getting me involved in what is fast becoming a large group of authors with similar quality standards. And last but never least, thanks to all of the friends I've made throughout this entire first part of the project.

Until next time; hugs and God bless;