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You can lookup and read information on your favorite (or even your not so favorite) characters from the Clan Short Universe here.
Clan Short Character Database
You can lookup and read information about all of the different "stuff" that exists in the universe. Everything from Species to Tech to History, all found in one place. The authors are constantly adding new information.
Clan Short Universe Wiki
On this 12th day of June, Stardate 2002, The United Federation of Planets Ruling Council hereby adopts the following by unanimous acclamation. The purpose of The Safe Haven Act is to provide a safe and nurturing environment for children who have been victims of Physical, Sexual or Emotional Abuse. The Safe Haven Act empowers Starfleet as its enforcement arm. This Act will encompass all children in The Federation and supersede all Local and Planetary Regulations regarding these Children. The Federation Safe Haven Act allows for the immediate removal and placement of minor children because of imminent danger to said minor. This is a live document and is constantly undergoing revision.
Safe Haven Act
You can lookup information on when all of the different chapters fit together in the timeline, with a synopsis and list of characters for every chapter! This resource is in the process of being replaced and is known to be inaccurate and incomplete. 
Tanner's Chronological Timeline