Memories Part 1: The Gathering


Welcome, reader to the universe of Clan Short. This started out as a short story just to see if I could write something interesting. Somewhere along the way, it turned into a full-time project which I've been told has touched quite a few lives in different ways. Over the course of the two and one-half years it took to write Part One, the characters have become a part of my life that I cherish. Along the way, I made a few very good friends who I now call brothers, and have had the honor of helping a few teenagers through problems in their own lives.

As you read this part of the series, remember it is set in a parallel universe to our own; one in which things progressed just slightly different than they did on our timeline. The general public has almost identical access as we do to what we would consider "advanced" technology. Space travel and the technology that is associated with it is reserved for military and government use. Earth is at the point of a societal revolution, brought about by interaction with the races of other planets, much to the chagrin of the Earth governments. The youth of this universe are leading the way, and you are about to see how one group became the leaders in the revolution.

I truly hope you enjoy the story, and look forward to writing Part Two. Thanks to the authors who have contributed their talent and ideas to this saga: Slash, GunRunner, MultiMapper, Lil' J, Ghost, and Dakota