The U.N.I.T.

Chapter 11

Chang watched what had just happened with something between utter shock, and the detached observation of a doctor.  He watched as Adam first brutally assaulted Joe, who somehow seemed to be Adam's father.  He then watched as Juan stood up to Adam and forced Adam's attention on himself, rather than Joe.  He was actually rather pleased at how well Juan faired against Adam, who had four years of age on him, more than just a couple inches and more than thirty pounds, not to mention more experience.

The part of Chang that was a highly trained martial arts expert watched with a critical eye as Adam had made a few mistakes which should have ended the fight much sooner than it had; then again Juan hadn’t seen them to take advantage of it either.  He now knew first hand why his instructors had always said that keeping control of your emotions is so very important. 

As soon as Adam left, the doctor in Chang took over, and he rushed forward to where Joe was lying.  He saw that Janet had moved to her son, so Chang only had to deal with Joe.  He quickly knelt down next to the now unconscious man, and gently started to check him over.  He saw that Joe looked a lot worse than he really was which was a very good thing, because he looked quite bad.  He looked around and saw Jory standing there watching what was going on, and sent him a quick mental message to get his med bag from their room.  Jory quickly nodded, and ran off to fetch it.

About ten minutes later, Chang was sure that Joe was going to be okay once he had a chance to rest.  As he sat back, he heard a loud "pop" followed by a scream, and looked to see that Janet had just popped Logan's arm back into his socket.  Chang was rather pleased to see that Logan only suffered from a dislocated shoulder, and was not hurt worse. Knowing what he knew of Adam’s strength that had been a distinct possibility.

Chang looked around and noticed his "brothers" watching what was going on, and trying to keep a general sense of order in the cave.  The other children in the area were not taking what just happened very well, and Chang could not really blame them.  He took a deep breath and then rose to his feet.  Chang was rather disturbed by the noise in here though, it seemed like everyone was trying to talk at once, and some of the children were even crying.  For the moment, Chang was actually glad he was not one of the "normal" ones, if this is how they reacted to a small show of violence.

He got the attention of his "brothers" and together they all moved over to where Logan was sitting against the wall with Janet still trying to fawn over him.  "Excuse me Dr. Hayes, but we need to speak with Logan privately."  Janet looked up rather surprised as this was the first time Chang had said anything to her outside of the time when they first met.  The formality in which he made his request made her wonder exactly what was up.  She looked down to Logan, who just nodded and struggled to his feet.  She helped him to stand, and then re-settled the sling on his arm.  She then looked over at Chang and nodded, "I think I need to go find Adam anyways." 

Chang looked at her and spoke softly.  "I am not sure that is a very wise idea right now."

Janet shook her head and said, "well I do, wise or not;" and then she was gone heading in the same direction Adam had gone.

Chang took a long deep breath, and let it out while looking directly at Logan.  "Adam says you’re one of us, and Juan agrees.  That is enough for me, however, you must understand, that you are not physically able to do what we do, and getting into a physical confrontation with any one of us, including Juan or Jory would be a very large mistake on your part." 

Logan looked rather shocked at what Chang was saying, and was about to protest when Juan spoke up.  "He's right Logan, your just as much a member of this team as any of us, however, you are not trained as we are, and thus can't match us.  This will change, if you wish, but for now, know that what you did was not a smart thing to do."

Logan's jaw was on the floor as he listened to the little nine year old boy speak as if he were an adult.  He knew that the kids could act grown up if they needed to, but seeing this, he almost thought that it was the other way around.  That they were actually grown up, but could act like kids if needed.  He didn't know what to say to this, so he just nodded slowly.

Chang nodded and moved on into what he thought must be done now.  "Logan, there are a few things you do not know about the Unit, yet.  Although it is true that we never knew about the others, we were always drilled with a slightly different set of rules than the normal military uses.  While we are dealing with only those in the Unit, those are the rules we follow.  When there are others involved, we follow those rules, except within our own group.  Do you understand what I mean?"

Logan thought about it for a second, and nodded that he understood.  "Basically you mean you have a different set of SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) than the rest of the military, but when you operate with the military, you follow theirs."  The boys just nodded their heads and Logan knew he got it right.

"The reason I bring this up now," Chang continued, "is that we need to bring you up to date on them, cause we now have to decide what to do."   Logan looked confused at what Chang had meant, but before he could say anything, Chang went on.  "What happened here was an example of our different SOPs.  I think I have a pretty good idea as to why Adam attacked Joe, based on what was said, and what Adam was thinking right before it happened.  According to our rules, Adam was in the wrong for attacking Joe the way he did.  However, both you and Juan were also in the wrong."  Logan looked up sharply when Chang said that, and was about to speak when Chang held up his hand, and Logan bit his tongue. 

"You have to understand, we are warriors.  That is what we are made to be, that is what we do.  As such, we have adopted a very physical system of rules.  Adam is in command; however, there are two ways that he can be replaced as commander, even if only for a short time. The first way is for either Jory, William or Juan to challenge him.  The challenge is always a fight to submission, or till one can not continue.  When Juan stepped up to face Adam, he challenged him for leadership, and Adam reacted as he should."  Chang explained while giving a sharp look to Juan who just stood there with his head high.

Chang sighed and was about to continue when Logan broke in.  "Two questions quick."  Chang nodded his head, and Logan went on in a rush.  "You said there were two ways, and you didn't mention yourself as someone who could challenge for command."

Chang gave a brief smile and a nod.  "I see that Adam was correct in saying that you were highly intelligent, however, I will explain both of those at once.  The second way for Adam to be replaced, is for him to be medically unfit for command.  As the doctor, I am the ONLY one that can force him to step down in that circumstance without a fight.  I can declare him medically unfit for command, and then either I or someone else I say, will take over command.  I would not fight Adam as it would not be a fair fight as I am more highly trained than Adam, and my loyalty is to him, or whoever is in command." 

Logan nodded that he understood, but was still slightly confused.  "Okay, but why are you telling me this now?"  Logan was sure he knew why, but he was afraid of what it would mean.

Chang took a deep breath then looked all his brothers in the eye.  "I am telling you this, because I am declaring Adam unfit for command, due to emotional trouble that would interfere with his duties as commander."  Chang spoke officiously, and then met everyone's eyes again.  "Does anyone wish to log an objection to my ruling?"  When no one answered, Chang just nodded, and continued.  "Okay, then due to the fact that we will have to start training the children here, if they wish that, I will hold command until such time as Adam is mentally fit.  Any objections to that?"  Chang asked, again looking at each of his brothers in turn.  They all just shook their heads saying they had no objection, and Chang nodded yet again.  "Good, then there is lots of work to do."  Chang said as he turned around and noticed that everyone was staring at them, wondering what was going on.  Chang moved over to where the helicopter was, and got up into it the way Adam had a few times before.  His brown eyes took in the features of everyone, as a hush fell over the area.  

"I know that many of you may not know who I am, other than the fact that I am a member of The UNIT.  My name is Chang, I am the doctor assigned to the UNIT, I am also the XO or executive officer.  In other words, I am the second in command of the Unit and in charge when Adam is not here."  Chang stated calmly, and although he did not like to lie, he knew that the others did not need to know the he had assumed command from Adam for the time being.

"My brothers and I have spoken, and we have decided that the offer to train you all, so that you may defend yourselves, is no longer valid."  This caused a great deal of commotion to rage through the cave.  Probably the most surprised was Joe, who was struggling to get to his feet after Chang’s announcement.  Chang raised his hand in an attempt to silence the crowd.  It took a few moments, but everyone did finally quiet down.

"I am sorry, but with the reevaluation of the cavern, simply training you to defend yourselves would be a waist.  What we would like to propose is this."  Chang took a deep breath, and ordered his thoughts, he knew that a lot would hinge on what he was about to say.

"What we would like to propose is that over the next few months, we train all of you to use the various equipment found in the cavern.  We propose to separate you into different groups, based on what you express an interest in, and train you in that field.  When the training is complete, and all of you have your assignments, we would then start operations based out of this location."  Chang paused to gage the reaction of the children here.  He was pleased to see that he did not see any looks of dissent.  What he saw was many looks of confusion, and even some of wonder. 

"Instead of just training you to defend yourselves, we are now offering to train you to take the fight to those who would harm you, or harm those who cannot protect themselves.  As I am sure you know all too well what happens out on the streets to children who have no one to look out for them.  You probably know this better than we do.  I have only heard a very little of the tales that could be told by those present.  I am sure, however, that those tales are horrendous.  I am sure that every single one of you could tell me stories that would make my stomach turn."

Chang took a break there as he saw many of the children nod in agreement with his words.  He also saw that the four adults there were looking at him appraisingly.  He took another moment to gather his thoughts before he began again.

"I want each of you to think back on the adults that have hurt you.  I want you to think back and remember the looks in their eyes as they either beat you, threw you out to fend for yourselves, or maybe even the look in their eyes as they raped you."  He paused again as he saw many of them close their eyes, and more then a few of them fought back tears as their minds took them back in time.  "Now, I want you to imagine how many other kids have seen those looks.  I want you to think about how many kids get abused each and every day."  Chang paused as he saw many more tear filled eyes.  "I would like everyone to answer my next questions with a show of hands.  How many people here believe in God?"  He noticed that many hands went up.  "How many of you believe that God has a plan for us?"  Most of the hands went up that time. 

"Good, because I do, as well.  I believe that God has put all of us here for a reason.  I believe that God gave us all hardships to deal with, so that we could be at the point we are now.  And I believe that God has given us what is here, so that we can do something with it."  Chang was sure that he had gotten their attention now, and the references to God had been a good idea, now it was time to sell them the plan.

"How many of you would like to be able to do something about all the people out there that are hurting kids?"  Most of the hands shot up quickly.  "And how many of you would like to make sure that kids don't have to worry about being abused?"  All the hands went up that time.  "Now for the big question.  How many of you would be willing to go through the training that we could provide, and DO something about the people hurting kids?"

Jack was standing in the back watching what was going on, and he was highly impressed with what Chang had said so far, but at his last statement, he decided he needed to step in.  "Okay, hold on, Chang." He said, as he walked quickly to the helicopter, but didn't climb into it like Chang had done.  He did indicate with a quick friendly smile that he did not oppose what Chang had said.  "I think that before we all answer that last question, we all need time to think, and discuss what you have said."  Chang gave a small nod, and Jack turned to face the crowd of children.  "Here is what I propose.  We have a whole new area we need to investigate, and with the way it is set up, I think we may want to move our stuff in here and pick out rooms for everyone."  He glanced over to Joe just to make sure he wasn't over stepping his bounds, Joe gave him a nod and Jack continued.

"Why don't we all take the next two days to explore what we have here, talk amongst ourselves, and then we can respond to Chang's offer.  Being in the Military myself, I know what he is offering is not going to be easy for anyone, so I would suggest you think long and hard about that."  He then turned, and extended his hand to Chang, and the group broke up.  Some to explore, and the others to start lugging their meager personal belongings down to the complex.

Chang, Jory, Juan and William all went off in search of Adam. Logan was told to stay there, and help Joe.  This was something that the other boys had to handle, plus they were unsure of what was happening between Adam and Janet, and didn't need Logan in the way if things went bad.

Janet got lost a few times in her search for Adam, but finally managed to find him in the music room.  At first she was rather impressed with the room as it seemed to have just about every musical instrument imaginable, and they all seemed to be in good working order. 

She looked over to see what Adam was doing, and noticed that he was strumming on a guitar.  She smiled slightly to herself, as the sight of Adam playing the guitar brought back memories of the first time he had picked up a guitar.

They were "celebrating" Adam's eighth birthday, they had to do it just the two of them because Dr. Marcus had decided from the beginning that Adam was not to be treated as a child, only as a lab subject, hence he didn't have birthday presents.  Janet had fought long and hard for Dr. Marcus to agree to allow her to give him the guitar, she finally won by saying that it would be good to see if he was able to learn the guitar as fast as he learned other things.  Plus it would keep the "subject" happier, which was good for the best test results.  She was happy with herself for being able to come up with such a bullshit story, and even more so for being able to make Marcus believe it. 

She was brought back to the present by Adam's voice.  He had not turned around to look at her, and it always amazed her how he was able to tell it was her, even when he didn't see her.  "Hello Janet," Adam said, while slowly turning around.  She could see the tears in his eyes, and the ones in her own matched them.  She could tell that he was in a lot of pain, that and the fact the he had called her Janet instead of mom, something he hadn't done in a very long time.

Janet moved over, and sat down on a stool next to Adam while he put the guitar down on the floor.  When he looked back up at her, and their eyes met, Janet took a deep breath and asked quietly.  "You wanna tell me what happened up there?"

Adam looked down at the floor, and was silent for almost a full minute.  Janet knew that he wouldn't say anything till he was ready, so she just waited.  "I... I just lost control again.  When Joe said he was my dad, all I could think about was how it was his fault that everything had happened to me.  If he had stuck around then I wouldn't have been turned into this... this... FREAK!"  Adam lost control of his emotions again, and by the time he shouted out the last word, he had dissolved into anguished sobs again.

Janet tried to wrap her arms around him to try and comfort him, but the second she touched him, Adam pushed her arms away, jumped up and ran out of the room.  Janet sat there stunned for a moment, and then she too dissolved into tears.  The accusations were thick in his voice when he called himself a freak.  She was partially to blame for what had happened to him. 

Adam ran again, still not seeing where he was going, he was surprised to find himself in a full sized gymnasium.  There were basketball hoops on both sides, and a full set of bleachers in the room.  There was an open door at the back of the gym, and when he walked through the door, he couldn't help but smile slightly.  He had walked into a fully stocked weight room, with an attached area that had mats on the floor, and well as a punching bag hanging from the ceiling.  He slowly walked over to the bag, thinking he could use it to release some tension.  He stripped off his shirt, and gave the bag a few experimental jabs.  He knew unless it was a very well made bag, that was anchored properly, he would break it if he used his full strength.  He was pleasantly surprised to see that it was a very well made bag. 

He set himself up, then started to work on the bag.  He was taken back to his work outs while he was in the lab.  His teacher, Mr. Takamora, had always worked with him on the bag, always telling him what he was doing wrong. 

"Adam, fighting is not about strength of arms, but strength of mind.  One does not defeat an opponent by being stronger, but by being smarter."  Mr. Takamora had often said while holding the bag so that Adam could hit it.  "Do not strike the target on the surface, always aim your strike below the surface.  That way you strike with full force." 

Adam had always taken that lesson well, and he had destroyed many bags while he was practicing.  Finally Mr. Takamora had gotten him a log to hit, saying that it would not break as easy as the bag.  He was right, and many times, Adam had broken his hand on the damned thing.  He refused to believe that he could not break it, and Mr. T, as Adam had taken to call him, had told him once, that he would be able to break the piece of wood.  "But not with your fists alone and not with your anger.  Your anger is your downfall.  Do not let your anger control you; you must learn to control it.  Anger has no place in a fight." 

Adam had no idea what the man was talking about until about a month later.  Adam had to take four days off from his lessons while his hand healed from the time he got upset at not being able to break the piece of wood.  He had hit it with everything he had, and instead of the wood breaking, he felt the bones in his hand give way.  All Mr. T had to say about it was to use the time he was not training, to think about how to do what was needed.  Adam was furious and screamed, "Well if it's so fucking easy, why don't you do it?!"  Mr. T just looked at him, and then down at the log, then back at Adam, he sighed, and gently moved Adam out of the way.  He took a deep breath, and seemed to gather himself.  Then with a loud exhalation of breath, he raised his hand high, and brought it down on the log.  The log seemed to explode when Mr. T hit it, and Adam was dumbfounded.  He knew for sure that his teacher was not physically stronger the Adam was, but in one hit had done what Adam had tried to do for the last several weeks. 

When Adam came back four days later, there was a new log in the holder, and Mr. T didn't say a word, just nodded to the board.  By this time, all the anger Adam had was gone, and the answer just seemed to hit him like a ton of bricks.  Adam smiled, and walked up to the log.  He looked it over for a few seconds, then he took a deep breath to center himself, and let go with a hard hit to the log.  The log shattered, and Mr. T gave Adam one of his very rare smiles.

"Tell me young one, what did you do differently, this time than all the others."  Adam was staring at the shattered log, and had to shake his head to bring him back to the present.  He looked back to where Mr. T was standing, and turned to face him full on.

"Well, I realized that the wood did not want to break the way I was hitting it.  So I had to find a place where it would break.  I had to think about how wood is made, and where its weak points are.  I realized that I was hitting it against the grain of the wood, hence it wouldn't break.  All I had to do was figure out which way the grain was going, and hit it there, along the grain."

Mr. T nodded, and spoke in his soft voice.  "Very good young one, remember that everything is like the wood.  Everything has a grain to it in some form or another.  However, you were too angry to think about it.  If you had, you would have figured it out right away."  Adam vowed to himself at that point, to keep his temper under control, and it wasn't until recently that he couldn't help but lose it.  He figured it had something to do with him being in the middle of puberty.  One of the medical books he read one time said that a child in the throws of puberty feels emotions much more intensely than an adult would.  He hadn't realized till now exactly how true that statement was.

When Chang and the other boys found Adam later on, Adam was covered in sweat, and going after the bag for all he was worth.  They stood and watched for a few moments, as Adam ducked, kicked, jumped, and punched like he was in the fight of his life.  Chang was the first one to move, and he went to the back of the bag, and positioned himself behind it, using his own weight and strength to hold the bag steady for Adam.  Adam barely gave a nod to Chang as he went into high gear, and started hitting the bag even harder.  Finally with one massive hit, he pushed his hand into the bag, breaking it down the middle.  Chang just grunted and let go of the rapidly deflating bag, as it spilled its contents all over the floor.  Adam looked up from the growing pile and stared Chang in the eye.  Neither one of them broke eye contact and soon enough it was a stare down. 

Surprisingly, Adam was the first one to look away.  As Adam turned to leave, Chang spoke up.  "I have relieved you of command, until such time as you gain control of yourself."

Adam didn't even pause as he went out the door, throwing a "Yeah whatever" over his shoulder as he went out.

Chang shook his head after Adam left, and then turned to the other boys there.  "Okay guys, we need to move our stuff in here as well.  You guys go grab it, and I will find Jack and find out where it's all going."  The other boys nodded, and went out the door, with Chang following.  He didn't have to go far to find Jack. 

Jack was walking down the hallway when he was passed by the boys.  Chang stopped in front of Jack and came to attention, while he crisply saluted.  Jack returned the salute, then spoke.  "At ease Chang, what can I do for you?"

Chang dropped his arm, placing both his hands behind his back, and spreading his feet slightly.  He was in the universal "at ease" position.  "I was wondering, sir, if you had decided what the housing assignments would be?"

Jack looked down at the little boy, and was once again amazed at how easy they maintained military decorum.  He had not seen such displays from anyone who was not career military.  "I have not thought about that as of yet, would you have a suggestion to offer?"

Chang nodded his head, and then spoke.  "Sir, I believe it would only be appropriate for you and your mate, David, to take the presidential suite.  I would then suggest that since there are enough single rooms, that every person here should be assigned to one of the singles, unless they prefer to have a larger room.  I would also suggest that myself and my brothers take the rooms closest to yours.  That way we can protect our commanding officer as much as possible."

Jack was rather surprised by the boys’ last statement.  "And do you think something would happen that would require me to need protection?"  He asked, not really sure he wanted to know the answer, but wanting to see just how this boy’s mind worked. 

"Sir, I do believe that would be prudent, for many reasons.  One, you have made it your mission to protect children that are potentially being hunted by dangerous people.  Second, I am sure that as soon as the military finds out that we are here, they will more then likely decide to try and re-capture us.  I can speak for my brothers as well as myself when I say that we will not be taken alive."  Chang answered in a very cold voice.

Jack saw the look in Chang's eyes as he said that last part, and knew that unless something strange happened, the military would never get their hands on these boys alive.  With what little Jack had seen so far, he was rather sure that if the military did try to capture them, the body count of such an operation would be high.

Chang had stood there while those thoughts ran through Jack's mind, and waited for an answer.  He had not meant to trouble the man with his words, he was just stating the truth, but he would not lie.  Finally Jack came back to the present.  "Chang, I agree with your assessment of how the rooms should be assigned.  If you would, please see that it is carried out as soon as possible."  Chang came to attention and snapped a salute at the obvious dismissal, turned on his heel, and strode away towards the level with the large rooms on it.

Chang let his brothers know what was going on with the rooms, while he was walking to the larger rooms.  He was still getting used to having four other people in his head, but he knew that it would be very useful when it came time for the five of them to put their training and skills to use.  While he was walking, he ran his fingers lovingly over the hilt of the sword on his side.  While he knew how to use many different weapons, none of them came close to the feeling he got just being able to touch the sword.  It was more then just a weapon to him, it was a part of him, and extension of his soul as he thought about it.

A few minutes later, the other boys, with Logan, came walking into the room, all of them carrying equipment, and bags.  Logan came in last, and all he was carrying was his lap top bag as his right arm was still in a sling.  Chang knew this was going to be hard on the new boy, but knew that with the way Adam was right now, it was probably the best thing to do.  He went over to Logan, after the older boy had put the bag on the floor, and placed his hand on his uninjured shoulder. 

"Logan, I know that you probably want to share a room with Adam, but for right now, I think it would be wise to give you each your own room.  When Adam comes back to his senses, you can always move your stuff into his room."  Chang said softly, hoping not to increase the boy's pain anymore than needed.

Logan looked at the floor, obviously trying to fight back the tears that were threatening to drop, and was able to nod his head, not trusting his voice.  Chang reached down, and grabbed Logan's lap top bag, and gently escorted him to the room next to the one he had picked out for Adam.  He still did not understand inter-personal relationships, but he knew enough to know that Logan was hurting right now, and he also knew that no matter what Adam might say, he would want Logan to be helped as much as possible. 

Chang escorted Logan silently into a rather large and well appointed room.  While there was still plastic on all the furniture, and no linen anywhere, Chang could still see that, when finished, this would be a very nice room.  He led Logan over to a large desk that was obviously used to hold many different computers, even though right now they were just empty slots.  "Logan, I figured this would be a good room for you, from the looks of things, this was supposed to be for whoever was in charge of the computer systems throughout the complex.  I think you would be the logical choice to fill that role."

Logan barely gave a nod as he looked around at the huge room.  While he was looking around, the other three boys rushed into the room, and started the process of "opening" up the room.  William went over to the far wall and a panel that held five switches, he flipped them all, and soon the room was fully lit, and Logan could hear the fans kick in as air started to move for the first time in many years in this room. 

Chang led Logan out of the room, and back to the one that he was using, which was quickly becoming the group room.  "Why don't you see if you can get someone to help you bring the rest of your stuff down here?  By the time you get back, the room should be ready for you, and then I have a project for you, if you think you can handle it."  Logan looked at Chang with a question in his eyes, but just nodded and went off when Chang didn't say anything else. 

Logan was back with two bags in his one good hand, and Chang had to raise his eyebrow at that seeing as he was sure there were people who could have helped Logan with his bags.  One look in Logan's eyes, told Chang what he wanted to know.  Logan would be damned if he needed help with something like this.  Chang nodded his approval when Logan passed him, and followed the older boy into the room he would be using.  Once Logan had his bags on the recently made up bed, he turned towards Chang and said, "Okay, what's this project you have for me?"

Chang took a deep breath before he began.  "I am sure you have noticed that the people here lack much in the way of supplies.  I am sure you also know that it will take much to get this complex up and running, and from looking at the food stores that they already have here, I would imagine that the sooner we start getting supplies in here, the better."

Logan was nodding and seemed deep in thought for a few minutes after Chang finished.  "Are there any stipulations to how you want it done?"  Logan asked, trying to figure out just how to do what Chang had asked.  He too had seen the sorry state that these kids were in, threadbare clothes, and not much to eat, and knew that something had to be done about it.

"The only things that I think you would need to keep in mind are that it should not be traceable to us, and I would prefer to try and keep it legal.  Other then that, we just need to get it."   Chang said, knowing he was asking for something that would test Logan's abilities to the limit.

Logan nodded to the stipulations, and then went over to the desk that already had his lap top set up on it.  He was pleasantly surprised to find out the he was actually able to get onto the Internet here.  He dove into the work so fast, and so thoroughly, that he did not even notice Chang leaving. 

Logan was totally into his work, and didn't notice how long he spent there, till he felt someone put their hand on his shoulder.  "Here you go; you look like you could use this."  Joe said, as he put a large cup of coffee on the desk next to the computer. 

Logan leaned back, and rubbed his eyes, trying to get them to focus on something other than the computer screen.  When he finally could focus, he looked at the clock and was surprised to see that several hours had passed.  He grabbed the cup of coffee and took a sip.  He smiled when he found out that it was prepared just the way he liked it, lots of sugar and milk. 

Joe had to laugh at the look of contentment on the boy's face when he sipped the coffee.  "I personally thought your mother was killing the coffee when she was fixing it, but then she said it was for you.  She said something about this being a substitute for when there was no Jolt Cola around."  Logan couldn't help but bust out laughing, and Joe smiled seeing him laugh like that.  "So what have you come up with?"  Joe asked, already having been briefed by Chang on what he asked Logan to do.

"Why don't you go grab Jack, David, Chang, and Mom, and I'll explain it all at once, I am just about done, and by the time you have them all in here, I will be."  Logan said, as he took one more sip of the coffee, and then turned back to the computer.  Joe didn't bother responding, as he knew it would be lost on Logan right now. 

Five minutes later, they were all coming through the door, when Logan sat back, and thrust his arm into the air.  "YES!!!! GOD DAMN I'M GOOD!"  He practically shouted, but stopped and blushed when he saw his mom standing in the room, along with everyone else.  "Sorry mom."  He mumbled into the floor, and everyone burst out laughing, including Janet. 

"You know kiddo," Janet said while she walked over and ruffled his hair, "the last time you were that excited was when you crashed the school's computer when you were eight, because you wanted a longer vacation."  Everyone had to laugh at Logan as he blushed from head to toe when Janet said that.  Jack decided to take pity on the boy, as he stepped forward a bit.  "Okay Logan, why don't you tell us what has you so excited?"

Logan sat back again with a huge grin on his face, and spun himself around in the chair a few times before stopping, and draining the rest of his coffee.  Finally he stood up and went over to the bed, to sit down there.  "Okay, here's what I got so far.  I accessed the money Dr. Marcus left, which by the way, he was mistaken about; it’s just over twenty five million."  He paused to let that sink in, and to let Joe explain to Jack where that money came from.  When Joe was done, Logan continued.  "Now, here's how things need to work.  First thing tomorrow morning, Jack, you need to head into town, and go to the Mailboxes etc. store, we have a box there now, and by tomorrow morning, it will be full.  Here's the long and the short of what I spent the last couple hours on.  First off, Jack, you are now listed as owner and CEO of the Canyon corp.  They are a distribution and warehousing company, based out of Salt Lake City.  They were bought out for a steal at five million, but don't worry, that will be recouped in 2 years with the new orders the company will be getting." 

Logan sat back a bit, and let the first part sink in, when he felt everyone was ready to keep going, he sat back up.  "Second part of this is the fun one.  I have hacked into the hospital's mainframe, the local school district's computers, and the local Wal-Mart distribution Center's computers.  Basically what will happen is this.  You tell me what we need, and I place an order from one of those companies to get what we need.  If they don't have it, I will find some place else to get it.  The product will then be delivered to the warehouse that's nearby in Ogden.  From there, it will be loaded onto a truck that I just bought.  One of you will need to drive that to wherever we need it to go to get it here.  Then, I will go back in, pay for everything, then make it disappear, by making it look like it was ordered by other companies, and shipped to them.  If anyone actually tries to track a load, they will run into a black hole, where the things just disappear."

When Logan finished, he looked at the astonished faces of everyone there, and giggled.  He couldn't help it, and said through his giggles, "As I said, damn I'm good."  That broke everyone up, and it was at least two minutes before everyone calmed down.  Jack was the first to recover.

"Okay Logan, I am impressed, but I don't understand one thing, why do I need to go into town tomorrow, and what's waiting for me there?"  Jack asked, while Logan went back over to his computer.

"Well, that was the tricky part.  But tomorrow, you will need to fill out the paperwork transferring ownership to yourself.  Also, you need to pick up the credit cards that are issued in both yours and David's names."  Logan then looked up to see a shocked look on Jack's face and giggled as he turned to Joe and Janet, while still addressing Jack.  "You will also have to pick up the credit cards and new ID for both Janet and Joe.  I gave them new identities, everything from Birth certificates, to high school transcripts to college records, etc.  I hope you guys don't mind, but I figured your real names wouldn't be good to issue credit cards in."  Logan snickered as he now had everyone's jaw on the floor.  He had intentionally waited to tell them the last part until he had them thoroughly impressed.  "And the best part is, the first three truck loads of food arrive in two days."