Brotherhood of Love

Chapter 12 - Hawaii Invasion

Special guest co-author: TheEggman

After ensuring that all of the boys understood that they were going to be just as safe as if they were home after going through the doorway, DJ and Tanner led the Wagner Compound contingent, with guests, through the door to the Pacific Rim Headquarters.

Meeting his guests near the dimensional doors at the PRD dining room, Prez grinned, "What took you so long? Don't tell me that you two made everyone wait while you swapped spit!"

"Bite me, Prez!" DJ sniggered. "Unlike you and Keith, we actually think about some things other than sex!"

Blankly staring with confusion, Prez softly and slowly muttered, "There are other things?"  After a few seconds of playing up the confusion, Prez grinned at the new faces that were giving him looks that plainly stated that they thought he was nuts. Wearing his custom T-shirt that proclaimed "I flashed the King of the ROH and the President of the US at the same time" likely precipitated the impression. "Hey everyone, I'm Prez; according to the grandpa of some of you, I run this funny farm! Welcome to the Republic of Hawai'i; if you follow Deej and Tanner further into the dining room," he gestured with an open palm, "Keith and our boys are waiting to meet you and give you a couple of welcome gifts. We'll do more introductions there."

Turning to DJ, Prez added, "Aunt Teri says that they'll be over in a few minutes, she wanted your family to get over the initial shock before she added another two dozen new faces."

"I think Grandma's got the right idea," DJ nodded. "C'mon, y'all; let's go see what Keith's got for you. Say 'hi' to Shirley on the way in; she's the partridge in the pear tree just inside the doorway."

"Dad's lost it!" Finn quipped with an amazed look.

"You can't lose what you never had," Prez prodded with a grin. "Ask my boys about Shirley; they love telling all about how we got her!"

"Are the five golden rings still on backorder?" Tanner asked, earning him eye rolls from every single one of his sons and grandsons.

"They should be here next week, from what I heard," Prez replied as he led the group into the dining room.

When they found that DJ wasn't joking about Shirley, the boys all began giggling as they each attempted to out-do the rest in saying hello. The exercise took their minds off of being in an unfamiliar situation enough that none of them went into panic when they realized there were multiple people waiting for them.

"Aunt Helen?" Alden asked from the overhead speakers.

"Yes, cutie?" Helen replied with a grin.

"Momma says that you can bring the adults over to our house. She doesn't think that meeting new adults right away is going to be comfortable for DJ and Tanner's boys."

Helen glanced around the group, and recognized the looks of relief on most of the young faces. "Tell her we'll be right over; from the looks of it, she's right on target."

"Alden's like me, just less mature," Rand announced, earning him a raspberry from Alden. "If anyone needs something, or needs to find someone, just ask him or me; I'm still on the network, so I can let him know if someone wants Aunt Mary, Uncle Matt, or anything like that."

Taking the hint, Patricia gave Todd and Terry quick hugs. "Be good for your Uncle DJ, guys; you just heard what to do if you need me."

"Okay Mom," both boys replied, comfortable with the arrangement.

Once the adults were gone, introductions were done for both sides. Prez and Keith's sons then did the honors of passing out the welcome souvenirs - the expected Hawaiian leis, and tie-died tee shirts that read "I got lei'd at Ewa Beach CSPRD HQ!"

"Mom's gonna freak!" Benny giggled as he changed shirts, "I better wear it while I can!"

"I'll handle your Mom, bro," Noah promised. "Remember, you're family; we've got your back."

DJ and Tanner had been plotting with Prez and Keith while the shirts were being passed out. Once they saw that the gifts had been received and the shy thank-you hugs completed, Tanner spoke up. "Big brothers, there's two more boxes of leis and shirts for Rand's friends that are coming over with Grandma Teri. Since we invited them, I think it might be nice for us to give them their welcome gifts. Talk it over with your brothers, and decide who would be comfortable helping pass them out. The youngest guys are six, and the oldest is fifteen, so any of you could help without being scared because they are older than you."

"We got it, Tanner," Shane replied for the group after exchanging glances with Finn and JR.

DJ, Tanner, Prez, and Keith exchanged amused glances as they watched the Pacific Rim kids being pulled into the huddle by the Orlando crew. "I think they've decided your kids are friends," DJ stated softly.

"Good, all of them could use more friends," Keith acknowledged. "You might have just caused the most normal thing that's happened here since we became a division."

"I'll believe it when I see it finish," Prez grinned.

"I'm surprised nobody's came in for breakfast yet," DJ observed.

"They're waiting for Alden to give them the all-clear once everybody's here," Prez explained. "Don't worry, we'll be invaded shortly after he gives the word."

"Sneaky!" DJ smiled. "That should work, though; I think they're already starting to relax."

Just then, Finn came over. After giving DJ a hug, he stated "We've got it figured out, Dad. Uncle Prez? The guys said to tell you thanks for letting us adjust before everyone comes in to eat. Dav filled us in. We're all good, and Dav will let you know once we've got the new guys comfortable."

"You're doing great, son," DJ stated as he gave Finn another hug. "Thanks for updating us, and let your brothers and kids know that we're proud of all of them."

"Okay, Dad; thanks!" Finn replied as he returned the hug, then returned to the rest of the boys.

"How did Davner know what we planned?" Keith asked curiously.

"He's one third Archnanian, one third DJ, and one third Tanner," Chek stated as he joined them. "I just talked to Grandma Teri, she's just about ready to bring the guests over. They're kind of nervous, so your plotting with the welcome gifts should help. I'm going to warn you, Markie has partial Mikyvis time skills, and Aiden is at Eli and Benji's level for TK."

"I'm pretty sure that I DON'T want to know how Davner ended up with those genetic roots," Prez chuckled. "Thanks for the warnings though; I'm sure John will corrupt Aiden before you have time to get him back home. You enjoying being married to these two nuts?"

Chek smiled, "Yes, every second! I think we learn just a little bit more about each other every day, and it just makes us even closer to each other."

"That means you're really meant for each other," Prez smiled. "Not everyone could do what you three are doing. Anyone tells you it isn't going to work, just swear an oath to yourselves to prove them wrong."

"It's more fun setting Tanner loose on them, though," Chek grinned.

Fortunately, the discussion of what setting Tanner loose on somebody could entail was sidetracked at that moment by the dimensional door indicating that there was about to be incoming traffic. Seconds later, the relative peace of the dining room was shattered by a redheaded streak which homed in on DJ, taking him to the ground before anyone could react.

"Hey, Gizmo, ya miss me or something?" DJ quipped as he mentally checked himself for broken bones.

"Uh-huh," Timmy replied as he latched onto his favorite big little brother.

Satisfied that he was only going to be bruised, DJ managed to stand up with his little brother held in his arms. As he looked over at the door, he smiled when he saw that the entire crew was in the process of introducing themselves and passing out gifts. He almost dropped Timmy as he started laughing, however, when he read the printing on the tie-dyed shirts that their guests were getting: "I got lei'd by Clan Wagner in the CSPRD dining room at Ewa Beach, Hawai'i!"

Shaking her head, Teri walked over to join the leader's conference. "Prez, you really need to have a talk with your AI."

"Why?" Prez asked, using the innocent expression that Timmy has coached him on.

"Do you really think those shirts are appropriate for the little guys?" Teri prodded.

"What? It's the truth!" Prez quipped.

"You're just as bad as Cory," Teri smiled. "It looks like my great-grandsons and great-great-grandsons have introductions under control. If you need me, I'll be over at your parent's place where there's sanity."

Confused again, Prez silently mouthed, "Sanity? Maybe?"

"You might wanna have Grandpa do a healing, Grandma. I think your logic circuits are getting scrambled!" Tanner quipped with a grin.

"You're all incorrigible!" Teri smiled. "Have fun, guys; we'll probably put together a cookout for lunch, so I'll see you then."

Noticing that the group by the doorway had settled down into conversations to get to know each other, DJ motioned with his free hand for the rest of them to follow, then headed over to meet everyone officially. As he came to the edge of the group, he stated "Hey guys! Welcome to Ewa Beach! For all of you guys that Finn invited, you can dunk Rand at your convenience for helping us cheat and filling in all five of us with your names and faces so we'd know who we're talking to. I'm DJ, and this is my husband Tanner and my wife Chek. Before you ask, Chek and Davner are not from here; where they come from there are no girls and boys, they can be both. You'll figure it out when you go swimming, Dav only wears clothes if we glue them on him."

"DAD!" Davner giggled, "I've been dressed a WHOLE HOUR!"

"Point made!" DJ grinned. "The two guys behind me are our hosts, Prez and Keith. If you have any issues or questions that your new friends can't solve, tap your commbadge and ask for one of us. If there's an emergency, tap or slap it at least twice; either George, Rand, or their AI brother Alden will immediately get one of the Core Rimmers to help you out."

DJ had to pause as half of the group collapsed in laughter. Once they'd recovered, he continued. "All of you have the same access to the various places on the base; there are some areas that are restricted, but that's for a lot of people, not just you. If you want to go to one of the beaches, talk to Alden and he'll take you to one of the ones that have already been cleared of anyone that could hurt or molest you. All of the adults here have been thoroughly screened, and they are of no danger to any of you; that means that if any of you guys that just joined us find someone here that you'd like to have as a parent, the hard work is done. All you have to do is ask, and we'll take care of the rest if you and them agree on it. There's a lot to do on the islands, and I think that if you break into groups of friends you'll have a lot more fun than exploring alone."

"Dad! You're talking too much again!" Finn prodded with a grin.

Making a big show of putting his hand over DJ's mouth, Tanner added. "Grandma's setting up a cookout for lunch, but right now it's breakfast time! The food's all free, and it's eat as much as you want. Alden just told the rest of the base that it's okay to join us, but we get first dibs. Last one in line's a rotten egg!"

Aiden, Ty, and Ivan found themselves joined by three of the visiting boys. The oldest was thirteen-year old Jody Jachundowicz, who was obviously recovering from malnourishment. The strawberry blond haired, amber eyed youth had latched on to the trio as soon as he met them, finding security in their self-confidence. He was joined by his also-malnourished shadows, six-year-old Gareth Grzymala, also strawberry blond but with blue eyes, and seven-year-old Stuart Sawyer, who had cherry red hair and blue eyes.

"This shake's awesome!" Gareth commented as he took another slurp of his strawberry shake. "I wish I could have these with breakfast all the time!"

"You can," Ty smiled. "All you have to do is ask; unless my little brothers say you need them, then you'll get them without having to ask."

"How come your little brothers can do that?" Jody asked curiously.

"They're doctors," Ty explained. "The Clan doesn't care about age, just ability. They wanted to be doctors, they proved they could do it, and now they're certified by Starfleet Medical. Knowing those two, they're going to insist on all three of you getting full checkups as soon as we get home; they take their job very seriously."

"But we're not even part of the Clan!" Jody replied.

"Yes you are, your spirits just need to ask the question that is in your hearts," Aiden stated.

Having a sneaky suspicion of just what his Navajo husband-to-be was feeling in his spirit, Ivan added "As Ty said, age in the Clan does not matter. Think that over, it doesn't just apply to jobs."

Catching the drift of the conversation, Stuart broke his normal silence, asking "Does that mean that you could be our daddies?"

"Yes, and that applies to all three of you," Ty replied. "Don't rush it; if any of you want that to happen, we'll sit down with DJ when we get home and have him do the honors once you tell us for sure."

"Why not now?" a voice only Ty recognized asked.

"Wazzup John, besides you and Stephen?" Ty snickered. "Have you two figured out how to touch the floor yet?"

"We're saving wear on our shoes!" John smirked, with Stephen nodding his agreement.

"Hi, I'm Aiden. I'll give you a hand!" Aiden grinned as John and Stephen bounced almost to the ceiling, then dropped down to where they were.

"You're good!" John acknowledged seconds before giving Aiden a flying tour of the room. Once Aiden was back in his seat, John asked loudly, "Hey Rand, did anyone hitch them yet?"

"Not yet, they're fair game!" Rand shouted back.

"According to my Phenomenal Cosmic Powers, they're already hitched in their hearts. Alden, we need rings!" John stated.

Giggling, Alden dropped hula-hoops over all eight boys. Before he could incur John's wrath, he also delivered three ring boxes, one in front of each of the prospective newlyweds.

"You're lucky, bro," John groused before turning to his victims. "Ivan, I've read the reports on your rescue; I don't need to, but I'll ask anyway. How bad do you want to get rid of your last name?"

Ivan's initial shock was wearing off as he replied "I'd love it."

"I thought so!" John grinned. "Ty, I know how proud you are of having Matt's last name, and Aiden's got tribal ties to his. Do you guys want to combine both of your last names?"

Ty and Aiden exchanged glances, both smiling at how John was fast-tracking things they had not considered yet. At Ty's nod, Aiden stated "Barnes-Lightfoot-Wagner."

"Nice, you're gonna make Justy scream!" John giggled. "Swap rings, dudes; the foods getting cold!"

Ty went first, telling both of his partners "With this ring, I promise to be here for you for the rest of Eternity."

Ivan went next, stating "With this ring, I promise to be by your side through good and bad forever."

Aiden completed the circle, stating "With this ring, our spirits are one until the end of time."

"Put the remaining ring on yourself with the other two," John instructed, smiling as he saw all three rings on each of the boys merge into one once in place. "By the power vested in me by being the awesomest and cutest officer in the Pacific Rim Division, I now pronounce you husband, husband, and husband! Let's see that three way kiss you've been practicing!"

Never one to back down from a challenge, Ty gathered his new husbands into his arms and proceeded to show everyone just how a three-way kiss was done. When they finally broke the kiss, the dining room exploded into applause for the new family. Once the applause died down, John turned his attention to the three boys that had a front-row seat to the festivities. "Guys, I'm granting wishes right now, you have twenty-one brothers who came over with you that had given up hope on having a family, just like you did. This is your chance; it's real, and it's forever. Turn off your brain and listen to your heart, what do you feel is right? Each of you has your own answer, and it is right for you no matter what the other two find."

All three boys nodded, the sudden unexpected seriousness from John getting their full attention. Stuart was the first to decide, looking up into Aiden's eyes and hopefully asking "Daddy?"

Gareth was next, standing up and quickly moving to wrap his arms around Ivan as he stated "Poppa!"

As expected, Jody had the most past to overcome, and the most rejections. Finally gathering his strength for one more try, he asked Ty "Would you please be my Dad?"

John nodded as what he expected happened. "Ty, Ivan, and Aiden, the three boys known as Jody, Gareth, and Stuart have expressed their desire to become part of your family. Do you accept their proposal?"

"Yes," all three replied.

"Do you swear to provide for them to the best of your abilities, loving them and guiding them as is appropriate for their level of maturity, seeking advice and help from others if needed?"

"Yes," they replied again.

"Guys, do you want the last name of your new parents?" John asked, quickly getting nods of assent from all three boys.

"As an officer of the Pacific Rim Division of Family Clan Short of Vulcan, I, John Hundser, hereby declare that the three youth previously known as Jody Absalon Jachundowicz, age thirteen, Gareth Shane Grzymala, age six, and Stuart Bernie Sawyer, age seven, are now adopted into the family of Aiden, Ivan, and Tyberious Barnes-Lightfoot-Wagner. All three youth have decided to take the surname of their new family. Any and all obligations or claims by other parties are hereby declared null and void. Ladies, Gentlemen, and Rimmers, let's hear it for the new Barnes-Lightfoot-Wagner family!"

"LOG IT, ALDEN!" Stephen shouted as the room broke into a roar of applause for the new family.

By the time the applause died down, Davner had managed to make his way to the new family, Markie right at his side. "C'mon, Mom says we getta take you to Archnania for your honeymoon, you'll only miss a couple of seconds here, no matter how long you're there. Ready, Markie?"

"Yeah!" Markie grinned, looking forward to the new adventure.

DJ, Chek, and Tanner had trouble staying in their seats, as they were laughing their butts off at Prez and Keith gagging over John's declaration that he was the cutest Rimmer leader. "You can sure tell whose little brother John is!" DJ quipped, quickly ducking behind Chek to avoid the expected objects being thrown at him.


"Gotcha, bro!" Alden giggled as DJ vanished.

"Where'd he go?" an apparently ten-year old boy with brown-black hair asked as he walked up, his disappointment obvious. Tanner looked into the amber eyes of the boy, which were starting to leak tears, and then said "DJ'll be right back in a few seconds; Prez just sent him to cool off. You can wait with us if you want."

"Promise?" the boy asked with a glimmer of hope.

"I promise, Andrew," Tanner replied, earning him a smile at knowing the boy's name. He thought it best to not mention that the boy was actually twelve just yet, as the info he'd been given by Rand indicated that it was a touchy subject.

Having waited until Tanner had things under control, Alden returned DJ to the group, now wearing a purple speedo and soaking wet. Within seconds, DJ found himself having a twelve-year-old that could easily pass as a ten-year old latched onto him, obviously not planning on letting go.

"It's really you!" Andrew gushed, "You're really DJ! I love your singing, I've got everything you've done and all of your posters and Rand says that you'll let me hang with you and you'll even give me your autograph and that I get to even see your house and..."

"Slow down, Andy," DJ interrupted softly, ignoring the snickers coming from his table mates. "We've got all day to get to know each other. Rand let me know that someone would want to meet me; I'm not going to just give you my autograph and send you away, though. I want you to hang out with us, and when we have a concert tonight, I want you to be up on the stage with us. How does that sound?"

"Really? AWESOME!" Andrew replied. After a few seconds, he added "Nobody's ever called me Andy before, but I think I like hearing it from you."

After a quick check with DJ over their bond-link to make sure Andy was stable enough, Tanner and Chek stood up and turned the hug into a four-way cuddle containing Andy in the center. Overcome by the sudden wave of love that he felt from the three bodies surrounding him, Andy latched on even tighter to DJ as he began to let loose tears that he didn't even know he was withholding.

Antonio walked over to the group, his face serious. "Good, he found you," Antonio stated. "Based on what we've found, I'm prescribing frequent swims on Archnania. Make it happen; a former so-called caregiver overdrugged him, among other things, to the point that his body will never normally enter puberty. I'm pretty sure that those Archnanian organisms that have taken a liking to you guys will handle making sure that he doesn't suffer the major issues that can cause."

"You're assuming he's coming home with us?" Tanner asked.

"No, I'm ordering it," Antonio stated.

Tanner nodded as he noticed Timmy watching carefully, his wings on display. "Just about any other time, I'd argue, 'Tonio, but between your reasons and Timmy being in Angel-Mode, I'm willing to take the chance that fate's got plans I can't see yet."

"Thanks," Antonio offered. "I don't like doing that, but it's really the only way I could find that doesn't either make his life hell or turns him into another hybrid."

"We've got this, get back to Elf time, bro," Tanner smiled.

"Not until I've made sure all of these guys are taken care of," Antonio stated before turning to deal with the next issue.

"It sounds like we need to take our newest son for his first medical treatment," DJ stated, causing an audible gasp from the middle of the cuddle. "We'll be back in a couple seconds, Prez... try to keep John from doing anymore weddings while we're gone!"

"Trust me, he better not!" Prez smirked. "Have fun, tell the fish I said 'hi'!"

Dylan ran up, now wearing a taxi driver hat. "Did someone call for a ride?" he giggled.

"Yeah, we need to go to the swimming pond on Archnania," DJ smiled.

Not saying a word, Dylan raised an eyebrow at Chek. Reading the expression clearly, Chek replied "Dyl, you've been a lot more than just Time Touched's manager. When it comes to jumping, you're the expert that the rest of us, Archnanian AND Mikyvis, look to for guidance. I could do it, but with a new son that Antonio obviously thinks is medically sensitive, I would feel a lot safer if you were the one driving."

Dylan smiled at the praise. "Thanks, Chek - that means a lot coming from you." After a pause to absorb the three smiles directed at him by the heads of the Clan that his family was solely responsible for, he grinned before popping himself and his four passengers out for their adventure.


Dylan and his group appeared on the beach of the Clan's favorite Archnanian swimming pond, only to find that it was already occupied by Davner, Markie, Jody, Gareth, and Stewart.

"Hi, Daddy! We're swimmin' while their Daddies try to make babies!" Davner exclaimed with a grin.

"He's YOUR son!" both Tanner and Chek announced in unison. DJ stuck his tongue out at his partners, then guided Andy to stand by the shore. "Andy, the two little guys that you don't already know are your little brothers Davner and Markie. Dav, your Uncle Antonio thinks the lake might be able to help Andy; could you let the water know to be ready?"

"Okay, Daddy," Davner replied, ignoring the confused looks of all five new visitors.

As Davner communicated with the water, Chek explained. "All of our planet is what you guys would call 'alive', and is in constant communication with the rest of the planet. Me, Davner, and Dylan are able to hold conversations of a sort with any part of the planet; DJ and Tanner have learned animals and most of the common plants already. If someone is hurt bad, the call goes out across the planet for help. Antonio thinks that the planet might be adopting the people visiting from home, so he wants to see if the planet can help Andy."

"Uncle Dylan, you gotta stay according to the grass," Davner interrupted. "All of us gotta be in here with Andy, the water wants references."

"I'm assuming you talked your new nephews into swimming in their birthday suits?" DJ smirked.

"Nobody wears anything swimming here, you know that Daddy!" Davner grinned.

"That's beside the point, squirt," DJ laughed. Turning Andy so that he could look him in the eyes, DJ seriously stated, "Andy, I asked Davner that for a reason; I wanted you to hear it from someone besides me. Normally, I would tell you that a bathing suit or your underwear is acceptable, but I think in this case the more of your body that the lake can get at, the better the chance it can try to help you if it knows how. Nobody is going to make fun of you, and the rest of us will be nude too. Don't worry if you get a boner, it happens to all of us."

"Could you do it, please?" Andy asked, sporting a full-body blush.

Before DJ could reply, Tanner stated "Andy, since nobody has made the adoption official yet, I think right now would be a good time to satisfy a few of your dreams regarding DJ, before he's officially your Dad. Deej, he needs this, so just go with it."

"Dylan just filled in the details, hon," DJ nodded. "I'll get you ready, Andy, as long as you get me ready as well, okay?"

Unable to speak, Andy just nodded. With Dylan giving him a constant stream of reports, DJ started with Andy's shirt and worked his way down, keeping eye contact the entire time.

As DJ removed the final sock from the shaking boy, Andy whispered one word, his fright obvious. "Please?"

It took the efforts of Tanner, Chek, AND Dylan to restrain DJ's anger when his eyes met the subject of Andy's worst worry... five inches of hard penis with absolutely nothing but a rough scar below it. "Something needs to be done with this thing before it hurts someone," DJ managed to joke before leaning forward and proving with his actions that he did not consider Andy deformed. Less than a minute later, DJ was hugging a satisfied young boy who had his hopes that DJ wasn't the type to reject him because of what had been done to him validated.

After regaining some of his control over his emotions, Andy stepped back enough to start undressing DJ. Once he had removed DJ's shirt, he paused and whispered uncertainly "Can I?"

Realizing the question was much more than asking to continue, DJ stated softly "Listen to your heart, let it tell you what it needs to heal from how you were used."

Andy nodded nervously, then finished undressing DJ. Once he was done, he stared at what was hanging between DJ's legs for a full two minutes, then slowly wrapped his arms around DJ's legs as he nuzzled his cheek into DJ's most private parts. Gaining more confidence, after a few minutes he released one leg to use the hand to explore the parts that remained firmly pressed against the side of his face.

"Remember, you don't have to do anything unless you really feel that you need it to forget what was done to you," DJ reminded him softly. "I'm letting you do this for you, not for me."

Andy just nodded, continuing his exploring. After ten more minutes of slow torture, DJ warned Andy "Careful, I'm getting close to making a mess!"

Andy shifted to take DJ into his mouth, then returned to his exploration, the only difference now being he seemed to be nursing like a baby. A minute later, DJ warned "I can't hold it!", leading Andy to latch on with his arms to keep DJ in place.

Once DJ was done and recovered, Andy asked from his spot latched onto DJ's chest, "Do you think I'll ever find a boyfriend as nice as you?"

"I'll do everything in my power to make sure you do," DJ stated honestly. "Whoever it is, they are going to be really lucky. That wasn't sex; you just made love. Thank you for trusting me as the one you opened your heart to; that was an experience I will never forget."

Chek walked over, leaning in to give Andy a kiss on his cheek. "Tanner and I felt what DJ felt over our link. You are very special, and you earned your own little place in all of our hearts. Me, DJ, and Tanner are married, that can't be changed. What we can do, though, is to let you decide for yourself just how you would like to stand within the family. That means we'll make you our son if that is what you want, or we'll add you in another way if it would make you feel safer and more comfortable. Whatever you decide, you will always have your place in our home."

"Does that mean I can't ever show DJ how I feel about him ever again?" Andy asked softly.

"After what I felt, and I'm not talking about how his body felt, if he rejects you I'm kicking his butt," Tanner stated as he joined the cuddle. "Just remember, we come as a team, so you have Chek and me to help you undo all the crap that was done to you. That means you have three of us to support you until you decide who you want to spend your life with, Andrew Eddy Wagner."

"When did I become a Wagner?" Andy asked in shock.

"When I said so," Tanner grinned. "Antonio called you family, he didn't specify how. We'll sort out the details later."

"I think the water is waiting for us," DJ joked, having a gut feeling that Andy needed time to digest the recent events.

"Hop on, Andy," Chek offered as he lowered himself down so that Andy could climb on his back.

Realizing that what had been said was not just words, he was really accepted, Andy smiled as he took Chek up on the offer. Once all of them were in the water and Andy had dropped down, the normally placid water started to become turbulent.

"Daddy, Poppa?" Davner stated urgently, "The water says Andy is hurt bad inside, and wants your permission to get some help."

"Do it," DJ stated, his eyebrows shooting up past his hairline.

Seconds after DJ's statement, the normally clear skies of Archnania darkened as huge black storm clouds homed into the lake from all directions. For the first time in all of their visits, DJ and Tanner suddenly found themselves in a downpour that made a Midwest thunderstorm seem like a light shower. "Stay in the water!" Davner yelled over the rainstorm, aware of the instinctual response to seek shelter that most of his family held.

After just over a minute, the rain suddenly stopped, with the clouds moving back to where they came from. The water level of the lake had obviously increased by about six inches, and there seemed to be a small whirlpool around Andy.

"What's happening?" Andy asked in fright.

"I'm pretty sure that there are a bunch of micro-organisms that are trying to figure out how to help you undo some of the damage done inside your body," DJ explained. "They won't hurt you; the planet would stop them before we even realize it."

"You promise?" Andy asked warily.

"I promise," DJ assured him.

About a minute later, Andy started giggling, "Hey! That tickles! You didn't warn me there were perverted fish in here!"

Concerned about what was causing the fuss, Chek had tied into the planetary loop. "They're getting rid of scar tissue, and passing stuff out of your body that could hurt you if they left it in. If you want to help, take a drink of the water, it'll speed up the microbes getting into your body. The good news is that once they're in, they can survive inside you, so you won't have to repeat what happens today."

Taking Chek at his word, Andy ducked under the water multiple times, figuring more would be better. After five more minutes of the water being constantly agitated, it suddenly dropped back to it's normally-calm state.

"They're done," Davner announced, his voice relieved. "Dad, the new organisms say they're going to hang out here from now on, that way they can help any of the rest of our family."

"Umm, Deej?" Dylan asked in an unsure tone.

"Wazzup?" DJ replied.

"I think you might want to take some water back with you for our pool... about a gallon or so."

"Do you see something, or is it just a feeling, bro?" DJ asked seriously.

"Just a feeling, but I don't know why," Dylan admitted.

Nodding his head, DJ decided "In that case, pop in a fifty gallon barrel, and Dav can organize volunteers from the lake to move into our house. Dav, fill them in on the antibacterial and other treatments that are used right now. Find out any changes we need to make to keep them safe, then Dilly can get it done however he needs to before we transfer the water, and whoever hitches a ride in it."

Once Dylan took care of DJ's orders, the group of boys settled into a carefree swimming party. Once they finished burning off their extra energy, they made their way to the beach one at a time to lay back and let the twin suns dry them off. Tanner was enjoying the warmth when Andy decided he'd had enough play. As Andy got closer, Tanner realized that there was a very good reason for the events they experienced, one that was easily verified. "Hey Andy, c'mere a minute!" Tanner said as he sat up.

Once Andy came to a stop in front of Tanner, his face expressing his worry that he'd done something wrong, Tanner visually verified what he'd seen them looked Andy in the eyes. Tanner smiled, then said "Have a seat on my lap; I think you're gonna like the present the fish gave you! I want to be giving you a hug while you're discovering it, though."

Once Andy was seated, Tanner put one arm loosely around him while using his free hand to guide Andy's hand to the two new lumps between Andy's legs. It took a few seconds to register, but once Andy realized what he was feeling, he yelled "Oh my God; I've got nuts again!" Despite Tanner's precautions, Andy managed to spin around and pull Tanner into a serious lip-lock.

"Don't forget to breathe through your nose, Andy!" DJ quipped before tapping his commbadge. "Hey Cam, tell 'Tonio we need him up here now, and to bring his tricorder. Tell him that one of his patients has some new equipment that he wants to try out, and Tanner's getting impatient waiting for the okay!"

"Here he comes!" Cam giggled a second before Antonio appeared next to DJ.

"Hey bro, I think you'll get the best view if you kneel at their feet," DJ grinned as Antonio looked at him expectantly.

"This better not be one of your pranks," Antonio threatened with a grin before taking the advised position. Seconds later, it was obvious that he saw the new changes as he exclaimed "HOLY SHIT! Deej, how long have you been here?"

"A couple of hours, three at the most," DJ shrugged.

"You gotta be shittin' me! How in the holy fuck did Andrew grow two new balls in three hours! He didn't even have tubes left for them to grow on!"

"The fish decided they like him," DJ quipped, earning him a glare from Antonio that could easily have been deadly. "Seriously, check them out, Tanner's getting blueballs waiting for you to say it's okay for Andy to give them a test run."

Fortunately for DJ, he did not understand the meaning of Antonio's growl. After taking a new scan and comparing it with the one from back in Hawaii, Antonio shook his head in amazement. "I need to do a full scan on a bed to make sure, but based on what I've seen from you other nuts, most of Andrew's body has regressed to the safe point just before puberty started to try to change it. While I'm getting readings that make no sense, like his testes filling in for some other missing glands, it appears that his equipment is fully functional. IF he is able to ejaculate, I can tell more from the result."

Taking that as permission to proceed, Tanner broke the kiss and shifted Andy to where they could enjoy some old-fashioned frottage. It took almost no time before Antonio had his sample from Andy, and a minute later he was able to get a sample from Tanner to check for effects from being present in the same water.

Once he had his results, Antonio shook his head in wonder. "Okay, he's suddenly at the same place as you two horndogs as far as reproductive ability, despite the visual difference in his equipment. His semen has the same microbes in it that I suspect are adjusting the ages of you guys who have been visiting here a lot, so I guess he's now a carrier. While Tanner's not passing out alien microbes, his output is more of what I'd expect from someone ten years older as far as sperm count per milliliter. My question is, just why is Tanner doing things with him?"

"Because Andy needs our support to not only overcome what was done to him, but to also develop a healthy view on relationships," DJ explained. "He is really good at showing his feelings physically, but has some issues with verbally stating his thoughts about someone. He's already a Wagner, we're just waiting for him to decide how he wants to fit into the family. For now, we're all sharing in the discoveries of the person he really should be, and returning the love that he developed for us long before we met him."

Antonio nodded. "Okay. From just about anyone else, even Cory, I'd say they were full of crap. You and Tanner are unusual, though, you're a lot like the Core Rimmers. I think you'll pull this off, and probably have a fourth parent in your family by the time it's done, even if you three never officially marry him."

"You know me better than that," DJ stated. "If he decides that he fits with the three of us, and we feel the same way, he'll be official."

"He's not just saying that, he means it Andy," Tanner stated, letting Antonio and DJ know they had an audience. "If I didn't think that you might be the final piece to our family, I wouldn't have done what we just did. That's why I said to wait to choose a family, because in the Clan having sex with your son, even if you're the same age, is not normally allowed."

 "The three of us talked it over using our link before DJ told you yes," Chek added as he pulled Andy into a cuddle. "I'm not looking ahead, just because the future can change, but we all felt something when you first walked up that told us you might become part of our lives in a different way than the rest of the guys you used to live with."

"You're all not just doing stuff to make me happy so I'll get out of your hair?" Andy asked, his insecurity obvious.

"No, and I think that you'll believe me after we get home," Chek replied. "I have only allowed two people to do things with me; the result of that is the only redheaded Archnanian in existence. Until today, DJ and Tanner are the only two people that I would even consider sharing my body with; you have something special inside you that is causing me to add you to that exclusive list. I want to show you just what that means to me, and I want to do it when it is just the four of us."

For the first time in his memories, Andy felt tears of joy running down his cheeks. Before he knew it, he was surrounded by the first three people in his life that cared about him for who he was.

Smiling, Antonio quipped "Congratulations, Andrew; you just hit the lottery. I'll check with Grandpa Spock on my way back, he might have some ideas for how you need to be listed on the Vulcan Family Archives. I'll see you guys when you get back."

Just as Antonio left, Davner and Markie got their parent's attention. "Mom? You, Poppa, and Daddy can take Pater to the treehouse. We're going there so me and Markie can help Jody, Gareth, and Stuart.

"We'll stay on the other side," Markie added, "that way you can help our Pater."

"Thanks guys," DJ smiled, trying not to laugh at the blaming that Chek was doing to Tanner over their bond. "If you need us, you can come get us, but I think your suggestion is a good idea. That'll give Andy time to wrap his head around things before we go back."

Six hours linear time later:

Andy woke up to find two little bodies snuggled into his sides. He smiled as he remembered where he was, and the things that he'd learned about DJ, Tanner and Chek. To his surprise, they had just talked, opening up and comparing histories with his own. In the process, he'd gained a new respect for DJ, one that directed the obsession he'd had into the start of a close friendship. He glanced around, and found that each of his new friends had a boy cuddled into their side; Jody with DJ, Stuart with Tanner, and Gareth with Chek.

"Go back to sleep, I want more cuddles," Markie groaned from Andy's left side.

"Me too, Pater," Davner agreed as he pulled himself in closer to Andy's right side.

Two hours later:

"I think our little rats are up to something," DJ stated as him, Chek, and Tanner returned to the land of the awake. "That's the same cuddle that Timmy uses when he's welcoming a new family member."

"Davner definitely gets it from your side of the family," Chek quipped.

"And Markie was a possible Kyle," Tanner added. "We're in trouble!"

Deciding it was best to ignore the plotting, the three parents took care of waking up the rest of the pile. Dylan popped in as they were taking turns in the facilities, taking Davner, Markie, Jody, Stuart, and Gareth to meet up with the three newlyweds. Once that was done, he returned to DJ's group. Smiling at how relaxed Andy appeared, Dylan stated "I think we're done here now; it feels like Andrew's where he is supposed to be spiritually. Deej, I've already taken care of the pool. The water had me splash a few drops in, then it said not to worry, it could clean up the pool without our help. The only thing I needed to do was shut down the treatment system, as the water's gonna handle that itself now."

"Did you call Peter and let him know that he could pull it and use it somewhere else?" DJ asked.

"Yep," Dylan grinned. "He's gonna use it up at Lambert Acres; he thinks a pool house might be a good idea in the rec center he's adding."

"Dylan?" Andy asked cautiously, "I don't care any more if good friends call me Andy. I think I'd like it if you would."

Dylan smiled as he walked over and gave Andy one of his hugs that he reserved for family. "I would be honored to be able to call you Andy, and I would like to have that honor for the rest of your life."

Andy returned the hug, whispering "Thank you" as he felt the glow of knowing he'd made another friend.

After the hug completed, Dylan looked around the room before grinning and stating, "Look out Hawaii! Here we come!"

PRD Dining Room - Ewa Beach:

"Did'ja miss us?" DJ quipped as soon as they re-appeared next to the table.

"I wasn't even aiming for you," Prez replied with a smirk, "and nobody saw me do it!"

Both Prez and Keith raised their eyebrows when Tanner put his arm around Andy's waist and escorted him over to stand by them. While obviously still not totally secure, it was obvious that the needy fanboi who was trying to latch onto DJ was gone. Smiling, Tanner stated "Andy, I'd like you to officially meet two of our closest friends and fellow musicians. The redhead is Preston O'Brian, he goes by Prez, and he actually runs this Division whether or not he's playing Pissed Off Chickens. The brown-haired guy next to him is his husband, bandmate, and Assistant Director, Keith Hundser. Guys, this is our friend Andrew Wagner; he lets his good friends call him Andy."

Prez and Keith didn't need a telepath to read between the lines of what Tanner wasn't saying. After all of the time they'd spent working together on Archnania, they could read both Tanner and DJ like a book. Realizing that Andrew was still fragile, Prez replied "Andrew, I know DJ and Tanner like brothers. We're going to be seeing a lot of each other, mostly on Archnania, and I'd really like it if you'd consider letting me call you Andy."

"Same here; I know that you're a great guy, or else DJ and Tanner wouldn't have anything to do with you," Keith added.

Andy's shock was obvious. "But I look like a little kid, even though I'm twelve! You're big teenagers!"

"So?" Prez replied with a grin, "Antonio's older than me and Keith put together, and we hang with him. That other shit don't matter, just as long as you're being you."

"Really?" Andy asked hopefully.

"Yeah really," Keith grinned. "Now get over here and give your new friends a hug before we decide to have Alden introduce you to the diving well!"

All it took was a slight nudge from Tanner and Andy jumped the few feet between himself and Keith to latch on for dear life. Realizing that Keith was going to be occupied for a few minutes with convincing Andy that this was real, Prez turned to Chek and wagged his eyebrows. "You never answered me, Chek. When do you think you'll be ready for some experienced sack time instead of the beginners you married?"

"I think I'll pass, Prez!" Chek grinned. "If these two 'beginners' can knock me up the first time we did anything, I'm afraid to find out what would happen with you two!"

"Your loss!" Prez quipped with a grin. "Okay, seriously, what's Andy's family standing? I caught the last name change, but not where he stands."

"We're letting him work that out at his own pace," DJ explained. "The Rat Pack has been activated to find the assholes that damaged his body; it was bad enough that Archnania called out a 'Code Blue' ... not the doctors, the planet itself."

Prez quickly found out what DJ couldn't say aloud, thanks to John. "Sonuvabitch!" Prez exclaimed, "Tell the Rats to save me a piece, he's lucky he survived! Alden, we've got a new Core Rimmer. Andrew Wagner, Miracle Rimmer. Get me his gear, and upgrade his access as equal to DJ and Tanner. Also upgrade Chek as equal to DJ and Tanner. Now where in the Hell are his upgraded commbadge and subvocals?"

"Has anyone ever told you that you're cute when you're angry, bro?" Alden giggled as a padd, subvocal, and upgraded commbadge appeared on the table. "I just let Jay know, he'll be over as soon as he's done showering to issue the Fuzzy uniform."

"You're swimming as soon as I can get my hands on you," Prez threatened. "Count on it."

DJ wordlessly 'requested' that Prez explain what he'd just done, his eyes making it plain there wasn't an option. Prez nodded, "You're getting that Patriarch 'WTF' look down really good, Deej. Since everyone here looks at you two as part of the command staff, we were going to offer you Core Rimmer status; Cory beat us to the punch by making you a Patriarch. I've already talked it over with Cory, and he thinks that due to what the Pacific Rim division does, it would be logical for us to team with Clan Wagner while still being a division of Clan Short. Don't worry, I had George dunk him for getting logical on me! I just gave Andy Ambassador status, and I'm pretty sure that it will mean that he doesn't have to immediately claim a family to be listed on the Archives."

Before DJ could respond, Justy's voice came over Prez's commbadge. "Headquarters to the nuthouse, what in the hell are you doing this time, Prez?"

"I'm innocent, I swear!" Prez replied with a smirk.

"Yeah, and I'm the Pope," Justy giggled. "There's no Andrew Wagner on the rolls, so who are you promoting this time before I even know about them?"

"Alden, tie my badge in for conference," DJ ordered. A second later, a beep indicated that he was in the conversation as well. "Hey Jus; I'm stealing the youth formerly known as Andrew Eddy Ambrozy from Grandma; his surname was officially changed while on Archnania. I have declared him as part of Clan Wagner, his family status is pending him recovering emotionally enough to be able to make a logical decision. He has also been declared as an Ambassador by Director O'Brian."

"Nice one, Deej; I think you and Prez just outdid Cory for testing the limits of Vulcan logic!" Justy laughed. "Give me a minute to call Grandpa Sarek; I've got an idea how we can do this, but I want his input to get it right."

"Okay, we'll be waiting!" DJ replied as him and Prez exchanged grins.

After both of them had muted their commbadge microphones, Prez grinned. "I love it when a plan comes together!"

"I think I know where you're going with this," DJ nodded. "Knowing Justy, I think it might actually work."

"Are you going to explain it to the rest of us?" Tanner prodded from where him and Chek had joined Andy and Keith.

"NO!" Prez and DJ cackled in unison.

"Don't worry, Andy," Keith grinned, "anytime those two get together to plot something, it turns out good. My guess is that they're making it so that you don't feel pressured to choose a family, yet can still have a reason to be given the Wagner name."

As Andy was trying to form a reply, Justy's voice came over Prez and DJ's commbadges. "You guys there?"

Prez and DJ tapped their badges, unmuting them. "What did you find out, Jus?" DJ asked.

Four sets of eyebrows vanished into the hairlines of their owners at Justy's reply. "The House of Sarek has reviewed the mental scan of the Earth youth currently listed by the Federation as Andrew Eddy Ambrozy. Additional reports as to his physical condition have been provided by Doctor Antonio Barnes of Family Clan Short of the House of Surak of the Planet Vulcan, and King Harroldo of the Planet Archnania. Sarek, Patriarch of House Surak of the Planet Vulcan hereby declares that Andrew Eddy Ambrozy has satisfied the requirements for kahs'wan and is hereby recognized as an adult by the Planet Vulcan. The logic of him taking the name of his home Clan is sound, and his status as Liaison to his parent Family has been approved. Family Clan Short is to enter Andrew into the Family Archives as Ambassador Andrew Eddy Wagner of Clan Wagner of Family Clan Short of the House of Surak of the Planet Vulcan, by order of Patriarch Sarek of the House of Surak of the Planet Vulcan. Patriarch Sarek's Word has been given."

"I find Patriarch Sarek's logic sound;" DJ replied seriously. "I shall ensure his declaration is complied with immediately, Liaison."

"That will be adequate," Justy replied. Switching gears, Justy added "I'm entering him now, so it's official. After that, I have to go explain this in small words so Cory's head doesn't explode!"

"Have fun, Justy!" DJ giggled. "Thanks for the help!"

"Any time, Deej," Justy replied, "Now you two get to explain it to our new Ambassador! Once he settles in, have him get with me to learn what he can do with his new title."

"Will do, catch ya' later!" DJ replied before tapping his commbadge to end the call.

Before ending his side, Prez added "By the way, Justy, you, Dean, and Liam are overdue to visit again. If you don't fix that, I'll send Jay and a truckload of Mr. Fuzzies to headquarters to abduct you."

"No fair driving the adults nuts without our help!" Justy laughed. "We'll pop over for lunch; by then DJ should be just about done messing up Mom's filing system."

"I doubt it!" Prez laughed. "See ya at lunch!"

Once Prez signed off, DJ grinned. "You started it, you explain it! I think we just set a new standard for plotting, though!"

"As you wish, PADWEEEAHK," Prez replied with a smirk, obviously ragging on DJ.

DJ stuck out his tongue, then grinned back at Prez.

"I might take you up on that later," Prez laughed before turning to the waiting group. "You don't actually expect me to repeat what Justy just said, do you?" he asked with a fake pained look.

"We should, just because you didn't warn us," Tanner grinned. "I'll be nice though, just fill us in."

Prez smiled as he turned his attention to Andy. "Andy, DJ and I just made sure that you're absolutely certain to not have to worry about the crap that you went through happening again. As of a few minutes ago, it was decided that what you lived through qualified as what the Vulcans call the 'Trial of Fire'. That means that Vulcan considers you an adult, and all of the Federation has to respect that declaration. We were also told that you being part of Clan Wagner was approved, and that you taking your Clan's name was the right thing to do. That means that DJ is still responsible for you as your Patriarch, just as he's responsible for the rest of his Clan, even Tanner and Chek. You picking a parent is your choice whenever you find the family that you fit in, and if it works out that you're a fourth part of the Wagner trio, there's nothing that will make people look at you weird. This means you'll never be alone again, but you're not blocked by traditional opinions from finding your place in DJ's Clan family."

DJ tapped Prez on the shoulder, then took over. "Prez set it up so that you have something that you can say you are doing for our Family. Justy, the guy we were talking to, is the Liaison between Family Clan Short and House Surak of Vulcan; that means if there's something that needs clarified or that could involve the House, he's the one that handles it. When Prez added you to his staff by declaring you a Core Rimmer, that set it up so that Justy was able to get permission from House Surak to make you a Liaison between Clan Wagner and Family Clan Short; I think that will give you access to House Surak directly as well, but I'll leave that to you and Justy to figure out; just let me know what the two of you decide. This isn't something that we made up to make you feel needed; after our talk last night, I really think this is perfect for you. If I didn't agree, I would have stopped Prez from doing it."

"Did you tell Prez about what we talked about?" Andy asked, obviously worried.

"No, I'd never do that without your approval," DJ replied. "The four of us know each other as well as if we'd been raised as brothers. Prez did what he did based on how he knows I respond to things, and as soon as he made you a Core Rimmer, I had a pretty good idea of what he was up to. Justy's known both of us since within days of when we became Clan, so he was able to take what we started and make it all official. Right now, you have an official status that nobody can argue with, which means you can't even think that we're giving you charity; just by being present, you're doing your job."

"So you really want me?" Andy asked.

"I'm not letting you go, no matter how you decide your involvement turns out," DJ stated.

Andy smiled. "Thank you; and thanks for helping me, Prez."

"I'm still waiting on my hug... if you don't hurry up, I might need to put you over my shoulder and take you someplace private to welcome you to the family!" Prez threatened with a smirk.

"Now I've got to decide!" Andy shot back, hoping that Prez was just joking.

Reading Andy's expression, Prez assured him "Don't worry; I wouldn't ever force you to do anything. That won't stop me from suggesting ideas though!"

Andy visibly relaxed. "Thanks; I guess I'm still kinda scared about stuff with new people. Nobody that knows anything about even some of what I went through would joke about sex with me; I think I'm gonna like having a friend who doesn't treat me like I'm broken."

Deciding he'd waited long enough, Prez moved quickly, picking up Andy and settling the thin ten-year-old sized tween on his hip. "I know I'm going to like having a friend I can pick up and hold when he needs to know I'm here for him."

"Hey, that's cheating!" Andy grinned before putting his arms around Prez and giving him a return hug. "Thanks, Prez; I had no idea that Rand joining the Clan was going to make my life this good!"

"Trust me, it's just starting," DJ quipped. "Just wait, you haven't even started to see how being part of the Clan can change your life!"

"We have weekly meetings on Maui for Rimmers who need herbal assistance adapting to all the changes," Prez grinned. "I'll send you the schedule later today!"

To be Continued...