Life Renewed - Revised

Chapter Four

Special guest author: Jeff P

Portions Contributed by: Akeentia


AC's notes:

Thanks to Jeff P for his assistance with getting this chapter done so fast! There were a few complaints about how 3 ended, I hope you like this better! I'm off to work on "Memories" now -- this story is still about a week ahead of the rest of the stories!


Clan Short AI HQ: 3:00 pm:

"Guys!" Caleb shouted as he ran into the kitchen where Danny and Marc were slumped over their cups of coffee. "How much trouble would I get into if I deface Federation property?"

"Deface it?" Marc giggled as he watched Noah wander into the kitchen with a grin on his face. "Noah, what's flakey over here babbling about?"

"This," Noah replied, as he placed a Tricorder on the table and sat down. "He'll have to explain it though."

"You guys need more coffee?" Caleb asked as he opened the refrigerator grabbing the milk and orange juice.

"Depends." Marc giggled, as he picked up the Tricorder and opened it. "What does this thing do now and how much flack are we gonna get for what you did to it?"

"I was kidding bro," Caleb replied, as he poured everyone a fresh coffee, Noah a glass of OJ and butchered his own cup of milk with sugar and his traditional splash of coffee. "I contacted Admiral Morrow and told him what my plans were. He transported a couple of surplus units for me to work with."

"Okay..." Marc said carefully. "The question is still; what did you do to it?"

"Portable AI interface!" Caleb blurted out in excitement. "I was gonna set up one of the laptops with the AI uplink port, but a Tricorder is way better. It's easier to carry, already has programming that will allow an AI Interface and will be compatible with the new network interface, once it's done."

"What can it do?" Danny asked, picking up his mug and taking a sip.

"Replace those antiques that Marc has been working with." Caleb giggled as Marc raised one eyebrow. "No offense Marc, but those machines belong in the museum right next to the PANDA unit."

"Our IT department has spoken." Danny laughed. "So, where's the uplink cable, Cal?"

"This is the best part," Caleb answered with a smile as he pulled a device out of the storage compartment on the Tricorder. "No cable! Just a Hand Scanner with a Physical Interface. Some of you guys can even interface without it through your Satellite Uplink."

"Are you serious?" Marc gasped as he took the small unit into his hand and looked it over. "Makes sense, it already has a pretty intricate communication ability between itself and the Tricorder. Have you tested it yet?"

"Mmmm," Caleb replied as he took a large gulp from his mug. "Test Dummy #1 loves it." He giggled.

"Oh, well if TD1 is happy with it, I suppose we have no reason to worry." Marc laughed as he looked at the clock on the wall. "We really need to start getting up earlier."

"I was up at seven." Caleb giggled. "I mean, I know you old guys need your sleep."

"Bite me, Cal!" Danny laughed. "We all got to bed at what, four in the morning?"

"You really think you needed 10 hours of sleep?" Marc replied with a snicker.

"Oh, and I suppose nine for you is soooo much better." Danny shot back.

"Makes up for Caleb's three-hour nap." Noah groaned. "You know, the one I got dragged out of bed from."

"I needed your help!" Caleb whined.

"No, you didn't." Noah laughed as he picked up his glass. "You didn't want to be in the dark basement all alone... Wuss."

"No way. I wanted the hottest guy on the planet with me." Caleb said with a smile.

"I won't be so hot with bags under my eyes." Noah continued, his smile fighting to surface.

"How sweet," Marc said, winking at Danny.

"Sickening sweet." Danny laughed. "Kinda like a cup of that crap Caleb's drinking." He managed to get out before everyone's communicator went off. "What the hell?" He gasped as everyone jumped and he pulled his off of his belt and flipped it open. "AI Division here." He said questioningly, shrugging his shoulders toward the group.

"Intelligence to AI Headquarters. Android Code Blue! Android Code Blue!" Jamie's voice came over the communicator in a panicked tone.

"Holy shit!" Marc choked as he pulled his communicator out. "Jamie, Marc here. What's the situation?" He asked, as he stood up from his chair, his eyes wide.

"He just collapsed; it's like he totally shut down!" Jamie replied, still in a panic.

"Is he breathing?" Marc asked, as he heard Jamie sniffle. "Stay with me Jamie, is he breathing?"

"I can't tell; his heads gone all quiet though!" Jamie's voice almost cried before Jacob could be heard yelling in the background, "He's not breathing, Marc! You gotta help him; Please!"

"On our way!" Marc shouted, as he flipped his communicator shut. "Cal, this unit ready for the field?"

"Yeah, it tests out and has all the programming from your systems... It's ready." Caleb stammered in response.

"Good." Marc shot, grabbing the Tricorder off the table. "Ark!"

< Yes Marc, I intercepted the transmission. I have taken the liberty of sending a portable Biobed to the location. Are you ready to teleport? > .

"Yes Ark, thank you so much," Marc replied as he grabbed Caleb's shoulder. "You're with me." He just barely got out as both Marc and Caleb; still sitting in his chair, vanished.


Josh's house:

Josh stood there feeling helpless as he held CJ and Chad close, his shirt getting soaked from their tears. He had no idea who Jamie was talking to; but it was obvious Jamie trusted him. Just then, a portable Biobed appeared in the center of the boy's bedroom, followed a few seconds later by two boys. One appeared to be about thirteen, with blond hair that was almost white. In the boy's left hand was something that appeared to be a Tricorder; his right hand was resting on the shoulder of a twelve-year-old blond who was still sitting in a chair.

"What the ...!" Josh exclaimed.

"Cal, activate the Biobed," Marc shouted as he rushed toward Jacob and the small lifeless form, lifting his small body and turning toward the Biobed. "Guys; how long has he been like this?"

"Less than five minutes" Josh stuttered in shock.

"Good, we have time." Marc sighed smiling toward Josh. "Is he yours?"

Josh looked down at the two boys huddled against him. "He's a friend of these two; he collapsed when he was told that I'd be his new dad."

"Emotional overload?" Caleb asked as he activated the Tricorder and connected the uplink transmitter.

"No, life support would have remained active," Marc replied as Caleb handed him the now active Tricorder. "That's not good." Marc hissed through his teeth.

Jamie and Jacob's faces suddenly turned dark. "Those bastards...." Jamie muttered under his breath. "We need Ark to take us back to the orphanage. Now."

Josh looked at Marc and asked, "What's wrong?"

"Good question," Marc replied before handing Caleb the Tricorder and turning back to face the twins. "What is it? What do I need to know guys?" Marc asked, kneeling down and taking each of their hands. "Give me a report; put it in my head if you have to."

Jamie concentrated for a second, then both boys stood there with their arms crossed and scowls on their faces.

"Oh my God," Marc said as he stood back up and blankly stared at the two boys while pulling out his Tricorder. "Yes, you do need to go there, not alone though." Marc continued as he flipped the unit open. "Furst to Lieutenant Shannon."

"Scott here Marc."

"Scott, I need a security team. Contact JJ at CIC and have him join you with his own guys. We need a team to go to Lakeside Orphanage in Missoula, Montana and shut it down." Marc almost growled as he turned and looked at the Biobed's display. "By force if needed. Report to Danny before dispatching and to JJ while on site, understood?"

"Yes, sir." Scott's voice snapped. "I'll contact CIC immediately. Scott out!"

"Jesus." Caleb gasped. "Going through CIC? What the hell happened?"

"I'll explain in a sec," Marc replied as he looked at the still darkening faces of Jamie and Jacob. "Ark."

< Yes, Marc. > .

"Can you teleport Jamie and Jacob Dodds to our CIC to join their security detail, please? They're gonna be needed there." Marc asked, causing the twins to grin and Josh to tilt his head in question.

< As you wish. Do you require assistance with the small android? > .

"No thanks, I know what's wrong with him. Caleb and I can reverse the damage. Jamie and Jacob are gonna be needed for the other boys at the site they are headed to." Marc replied.

< They are on their way; inform me if you do require assistance. I will have a Medbot standing by as a precaution. > .

"Thanks, Ark," Marc replied as the twins vanished from the room.

"WHAT the FUCK is going on!" Josh exclaimed.

"Daddy, why can't we feel Willy?" CJ asked through his tears. "Is he dead?"

Marc froze as he looked at the tear-stained face of the little blond boy before ruffling his hair and rushing to the side of the Biobed. "Not if I have anything to say about it." He said as Caleb looked over to the two little ones.

"Would you guys like to help?" Caleb asked, getting a smile and a nod from Marc as an approval.

"We'd hurt him; we don't know nothin." CJ replied softly.

Josh gave both boys a squeeze. "I have no idea what's going on here guys, but I can tell these boys know what they are doing. If they say you can help, I'll bet that they trust you to listen to them and learn what to do and how to do it right."

"But what if we mess up?" Chad asked softly.

"When four of us work as a team, it's really hard to mess up," Caleb replied with a smile.

"I don't know." Marc grinned. "They look like doctors to me."

"Oh yeah." Caleb smiled. "Totally." He nodded as he looked back to the two small boys. "Please, guys?"

Chad and CJ timidly let go of Josh and went over by the Biobed with lost looks on their tear-stained faces. "What's wrong with him?" Chad asked softly.

"He's shut himself down and since they weren't feeding him right at the orphanage, he didn't have enough power to keep himself going," Marc replied before turning to look at Josh. "He's been starved and abused. His little system couldn't hold up to it anymore. Something overloaded him and pushed his condition over the edge."

"The last thing he said to Chad and CJ before he collapsed was that he hated giving pleasure but never receiving it; that he didn't know how to be a son," Josh stated. "I swear the little guy has never seen love before."

"That would be enough to do it." Marc sneered as he jabbed at the controls a little harder.

"So, you guys are Chad and CJ?" Caleb tried to redirect the conversation.

"Uh huh; he's our new Daddy. He useta be our Uncle Josh, but our old Daddy was bad so he rescued us." Chad replied, brightening slightly at discussing their new father.

Sensing the mood in the room needed brightening, Josh expanded on the introduction. "Officially I'm Doctor Joshua Michaels. I'd offer to help, but they never covered androids in Military Med School. I probably know less than my sons do about Willy."

"Sweet!" Caleb said, as he ruffled the boys' hair. "Now you get to be doctors like your Dad."

"I think we have the help we need, Doctor," Marc smirked toward Josh. "Thanks for the offer though."

Josh winked at Marc. "I agree, I'll just sit back and learn by watching."

"Okay," Marc stated, looking down at Chad and CJ. "Which one of you guys are good with numbers?" He asked with a grin.

"Both of us," CJ stated.

"We are ..." Chad started the tag-team reply.

"... twins, we ..."

"... share our ..."

"... brains so ..."

"... we are ..."

"... twice as ..."

"... smart as ..."

"... everyone else." CJ finished with a giggle.

"Okay..." Caleb giggled, reaching over and grabbing CJ's arm. "You're with me then."

"Why him?" Marc asked as he tapped away at the controls on the Tricorder. "What if I wanted to be on his team?" Marc smiled.

"Cause he was closer to me so, nyah!" Cal replied, getting a giggle from the twins when he stuck his tongue out at Marc.

"Wow, graduates of the Acme School of Medicine I see!" Josh chuckled.

"Yup." Caleb grinned. "You didn't notice that giant anvil hanging over their side of the bed?"

CJ shook his head. "You're goofy. C'mon, we gotta fix Willy."

"No, Goofy is a whole different cartoon." Caleb replied with a comical 'He-yuk' Goofy impersonation before both boys sat down on the floor at the controls.

"Okay," Marc said to Chad with a giggle. "While those two mess around, we have some real work to do." He whispered loudly as he showed the display to Chad.

"Real work." Caleb laughed. This is where it's at right here dude." He continued as he brought up a different display. "See, this shows us all of his systems. We can see what has power and..." He got out before trailing off.

"Does this mean he ain't got no power at all?" CJ asked with a concerned look as he pointed to the display.

"Um... Marc." Caleb almost groaned. "CJ's right on this one. His system has no power at all."

"Reserve?" Marc asked and inhaled as Caleb and CJ shook their heads in unison. "Great. Okay, how do I supply power through this new connection?"

"Um..." Caleb replied, opening his eyes wide.

"There is a way to supply power, right?" Marc asked, getting another silent answer. "Are you kidding me? Great design bonehead."

"Great design bonehead..." Caleb crossed his eyes and mocked Marc, getting a giggle from CJ. "It's a Beta Design, Dr. Know-it-all. I didn't think about external power. Normally you don't need it."

"Ain't he got a battery charger or sumptin?" Chad asked.

"Awesome idea Doctor," Marc said with a smile. "Isn't there a way to feed power to the handheld sensor? You know to charge it without the Tricorder present? A Positronic Matrix needs very little to bring reserve power online."

"Hmmm..." Caleb thought for a moment. "I can do that!" He smiled. "CJ, watch the readout and tell me when you see a power reading at this port." He said, pointing to the display.

"Okay," CJ replied as he watched Caleb open the side of the Biobed and after a moment of looking around, he ripped a length of wire out of it.

"Now, THAT'S defacing Federation Property," Marc commented to Chad in a stage whisper.

"We won't need that system anyway." Caleb giggled with a shrug.

"What system?" Marc groaned.

"Don't worry, unless you planned to use the restraints." Caleb laughed.

"Only on you," Marc giggled.

"Are you sure you're doctors?" Chad asked in a worried voice.

"Sometimes doctors have to improvise to fix people," Josh explained. "Just like that piece of intestine that you don't have any more CJ; to make you well they had to improvise your insides."

"Oh." CJ and Chad replied in unison. "We got it now."

"So Caleb is impervisin'?" CJ asked with a smile.

"Nah, he just likes ripping the wiring out of expensive equipment." Marc laughed.

"Don't listen to him, bud." Caleb laughed. "My first thought was to see if he had any spare wires I could use."

CJ giggled. "No way; he's a boy! Boys ain't got wires!"

"Other androids do though," Caleb replied with a wink as he popped the casing off of the modified scanner and began altering its wiring.

Josh looked at the puzzled expressions on his son's faces, then at Marc. Suddenly a dim light went on in his head. "Wait a minute ... Marc? As in THE Marc? As in the one android that receives funding from the stock that Dad bought for me when I graduated?"

"You know who I am?" Marc asked, as he handed the Tricorder to Chad now that he had explained some of it's basic functions to him.

"Yes. I make it a policy to research all of my stock options thoroughly. CJ, Chad; listen to what he says. You're standing by the big brother of all youth androids; Marc here is the very first android of his kind. I always wondered if my money was still being used after they closed the doors."

Marc smiled as both boys smiled. "I'm not the first though; There was one more before me. Maybe you'll get to meet him sometime." Marc replied, as he listened to Caleb and the twins continue working.

"You got power!" CJ said excitedly. "It says fifteen percent... no sixteen... no... it's goin fast!"

"Sweet, let me know what it gets to Twenty Percent. I gotta hold this connection in place."

"I never heard of any models previous to you," Josh replied. "Is Caleb an android too?"

"Oh yeah." Marc laughed. "He's one of the defective models though." Marc laughed.

"You are?" CJ and Chad both asked in awe.

"No. I think his brain's got a loose wire." Caleb laughed.

"It's at twenty!" CJ cut in.

"Great, Chad, did Marc show you how to tell when his brain wakes up?" Caleb asked.

"Yup!" Chad smiled as he trained his vision on the Tricorder's display.

"I do have an older brother. His name is Danny. He was the first real attempt at a youth design, years before I was created." Marc said, only half listening to the activity based around Willy.

Josh thought for a second and then smiled. "That's right; the Neuroimage Experiment. He's been missing forever though; Dad was involved in the case trying to give Danny back his rights."

"Your Dad is Ron Michaels? No way!" Marc smiled.

"Twenty-five percent!" CJ spoke up.

"His brain ain't awake yet," Chad added.

"Good work guys," Caleb responded, a smile could literally be heard in his voice.

"Yes; you should have seen his face when I refused to join the law firm. If I hadn't've become a doctor, I think he would have disowned me." Josh replied with a chuckle. "Good job munchkins!" he added to the boys.

"I bet! I read all about that case. Your Dad was talked about for years later in Vision Industries. Funny to run into his son after all this time." Marc smiled.

"His brain's wakin up!" Chad almost shouted.

"Tell me when the readout says all systems enabled dude. CJ, switch operation mode like I showed you. You want EMP mode." Caleb directed.

"Wait until you meet him; I'm sure you won't have any choice after he hears that you are still around." Josh chuckled. "He's kinda set in his ways; if he wants to meet you he WILL meet you. Especially since you came to save his new grandson."

"He'll get to actually meet Danny." Marc smiled as he sat down on the bed and watched the three working away. "Do they know that they are doing this on their own yet?" He asked with a giggle.

"All systems enabled!" Chad shouted.

"Sweet!" Caleb replied. "CJ?"

"I got it in EMP mode. It wants to know what function to use Caleb." CJ asked nervously.

"You want AID," Caleb replied.

"I don't think they've taken the time to realize it yet," Josh replied as he watched the boys. "Whatever happened with Danny; all I know is he disappeared and nobody could find him."

"I located him," Marc replied. "My Dad and I accidentally came across him at the bottom of the Atlantic."

"Caleb! What does AID mean?" CJ asked tilting his head.

"Automatic Internal Defribulation " Caleb said with a giggle when CJ looked at him with a lost expression. "It's gonna start up his heart for him."

"Oh." CJ nodded. "It wants to know what power level to use now."

"Hey Marc, ten percent too much?" Caleb asked over his shoulder.

"Good call bro," Marc replied. "Ten is just enough when you aren't dealing with a cardiac arrest."

"Cardi... Car... Um..." Chad tried to get out.

"A heart attack." Caleb loudly whispered.

"Oh..." Chad grinned.

"Bottom of the Atlantic? Deep sea diving?" Josh asked with a puzzled expression.

"Not quite." Marc sighed. "He took a really long nap next to the Titanic. We found him while we were testing a new submersible."

"This is really important guys. CJ, when I say go I want you to count three, when I say. Chad when he reaches three, you wanna activate all systems. At the same time CJ, you need to initiate defibrillation. Okay?" Caleb said with a grin.

"At the same time?" CJ and Chad both asked at once.

"Yup," Marc said, as he and Josh stood up to watch. "What you guys are doing is starting his heart beating again and letting his brain take over at the same time."

"Start his brain too soon; it uses up too much energy..." Caleb said before CJ and Chad cut him off.

"Start his heart too soon, and his brain won't keep it goin'." They both almost sang with huge smiles.

"You said you two never did this before." Caleb giggled.

"We didn't; it just makes sense," CJ replied.

"Yeah; Daddy can do it, so we should be able to do it too!" Chad added.

"You're my sons; of course you can do it!" Josh added.

"Remember guys, together on three," Caleb said, getting a nod from both boys. "Okay CJ, start the count."

CJ cleared his throat and stiffened his back before opening his mouth. "One..."

Marc made his way to Chad's side to peek at the Tricorder's readout, smiling when he heard Chad whispering along with his brother's count.


CJ hovered a shaky finger over the activation button as he looked at his brother and nodded.

"THREE!!!" CJ shouted and both boys eyes got wide as they both did their parts, causing Willy's body to flinch, and then to take a deep breath.

Josh had followed Marc over and sighed with relief as he saw the display. "Thank you, God," he whispered as he placed a hand on Marc's shoulder.

CJ looked up at Marc with wide eyes. "Did it work? Is he okay?"

"Well, what does the Tricorder say, Chad?" Marc asked as he turned and smiled at Josh.

Chad studied the display then hesitantly read off the information. "It says the life support is active, the pos ... posi ... some kinda matrix is stable. Then it says ever'things online and function'n normal."

"That means you guys did it." Caleb smiled as he stepped away from the connection he was holding in place and joined Marc and Josh. "He's gonna be okay now."

"Wadda you mean we did it?" CJ asked.

Josh smiled. "He means just that. I was watching; you two did all the work; Caleb and Marc just helped you understand what was next. Wait until Willy finds out his brothers saved him!"

"Well, my hands were tied and Marc was busy explainin stuff to your father." Caleb grinned. "This wouldn't have worked without you guys."

"I'd say you guys make pretty good doctors too." Marc smiled just as an alert on the Biobed went off causing CJ to jump.

"Caleb, The bed says Willy's mal... nor... isht and it wants to hypo-sumthin. Should I tell it to do it?" CJ asked as Marc and Josh stifled snickers.

"Not a bad idea. This way when he wakes up he'll have a little more strength." Caleb answered as he elbowed Marc in the side.

"Okay," CJ replied, smiling when the control chirped and a hiss could be heard coming from the bed.

"When's he gonna wake up?" Chad asked, still intently staring at the Tricorder's display.

"Hmmm..." Marc hummed as he peeked at the display and pointed out one of its readouts. "His brain won't let him wake up until internal power is stable. See how it's getting higher real fast?"

"Uh-huh." Chad replied. "It got faster when CJ hypered him."

"It should only take a couple of minutes. You guys want to go get a snack or something while we wait?" Caleb asked both of the boys.

"NO!" both boys exclaimed vehemently.

Josh chuckled. "Wait until Dad hears this one; these two refusing food! I'll go make up some shakes; any particular flavor for you guys? I already know what my two want."

Before Marc or Caleb could answer, CJ piped up "Bring Willy a cherry; he likes cherries."

Josh smiled. "Okay, little buddy. Marc? Caleb? These are made the same way they're made at the Clan Medical Center in Orlando; Doc Antonio made sure I learned how to make them after CJ's surgery."

"Oh, those, cool!" Caleb smiled. "Cherry sounds cool; can I have one of those?"

"Sure; what about you Marc?" Josh replied.

"I'm all set, thanks," Marc replied. "You may want to make Willy's small though. Empty calories will give him a small boost but his digestive system will use that up and more just trying to digest it."

"No way! Willy should have a big one." Caleb smiled when Mark shot him a questioning glare. "Dude, those shakes are like a serious nutrition drink. It'll be good for him." He continued with a giggle. "You really should try one. You've been running like mad too, it'll be good for you too... Doctor."

"Oh." Marc smiled. "What kinds do you and CJ have normally?" He asked Chad.

"I have cherry, my weird brother here likes blueberry!" Chad replied with a giggle as CJ stuck his tongue out.

Marc laughed and smiled at CJ. "Well, maybe I'll be weird too. Blueberry sounds really good." He said as Caleb and Chad both rolled their eyes and laughed.

"That's easy, three of each!" Josh replied with a grin. "Does that mean I'm weird too munchkin?"

"Yeah, but you're a good weird Daddy!" Chad replied with a giggle as he handed Marc the Tricorder and slipped behind Caleb.

"Hey! How'd I get volunteered as a human shield?" Caleb laughed before quickly turning and stepping behind Chad.

Josh laughed as he turned for the door. "Relax Caleb; I'll get you and your munchkin cohort later when you least expect it. Six shakes coming up!"

"Nice!" Marc laughed as Chad grabbed the Tricorder back from Marc and took his position at Willy's side.

"But I didn't do anything," Caleb whined toward the open door.

"That's the best part." Marc laughed.

"Guys," Chad said seriously. "This is showin green now. Sixty-eight percent an it's stayin there."

CJ grabbed Marc's arm. "Wadda we do now?"

"Talk to him. He can wake up now. Be real gentle though, he's still gonna be weak." Marc replied as he watched both boys smile at each other and move closer to Willy.

"Willy? Wake up bro, it's okay." Chad said softly.

"C'mon bro ... wake up, Dad went to get us some shakes!" CJ added.

"Hmmmmm..." Willy moaned before taking a deep breath and half opening his eyes. "Where am I?' He continued weakly, as he tried to sit up and failed.

"Yur home, it's okay now. The docs helped us fix what was wrong." CJ said grabbing Willy's hand.

"Dad's makin us some shakes. They'll make you feel better." Chad added.

"Home? Dad? What's goin on?" Willy said, looking at each boy's face. "Do I know you?"

Both boys turned and looked at Marc with frightened looks. "What's wrong Marc?"

"Marc? MARC!" Willy raised his voice. "He changed his mind? He didn't want me?"

Marc tilted his head before looking at Caleb, who simply shrugged shoulders. "Who didn't want you, Willy?"

"Willy?" The little android asked, twisting his expression in confusion. "Who's Willy?"

"You're Willy." CJ and Chad replied in unison in a scared voice.

Willy looked back and forth between CJ and Chad before staring directly at Marc. "What's going on Marc?" He asked seriously before seeing the tears begin to form in both boys' eyes. "My name is Johnny. Marc, you know that."

"Johnny?" Marc questioned before looking at the boy's face even more closely. "Your name is Willy. You were treated badly in your last home and adopted by this family." Marc said, placing one hand on Chad and CJ's shoulder. "Don't you remember?"

"Remember what? You were supposed to take me offline. Did he change his mind? I can stay with you?" He asked with a tear forming in his eye.

Just then a spark of recognition shot through Marc's expression. "Oh my god! Johnny? That's impossible!"


To be continued ........


Clan Archivist Review Notes:

Well, we now know a little bit more about Willy or do we? It now looks like the AI Division handled its first baptism under fire away from their home base, with flying colors. I am wondering how this is going to affect CJ and Chad. I loved the way Josh, Marc, and Caleb integrated CJ and Chad into the repair and recovery of their friend. As usual, I have no idea which direction this story is going so I will wait patiently for the next chapter. (AC: I have no idea either!)