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Schaffer Home Remodeled Walkthrough Movie

Hey, it's Creston, I'm BACK!

Peter let me do a movie walkthrough of the new house before he did the final decorating for all my new brothers. It is soooooo AWESOME!  He's done some really kewl stuff, like walls that you can see through from one side but they look like normal walls from the other. We've also got a new kinda door to our playroom on the top floor[ you can't see the door, but if you're allowed in the room you can walk right through the wall where it's at - that is SOOO AWESOME! I really like the new house, can ya tell?

The movie takes about 30 minutes to play; I'm sorry about there not being any voice, but Mom wouldn't let me. I did make two sizes though, so you can pick which one you like.



M4V Format 720P (381MB)

Schaffer House 2.m4v

M4V Format 480P (112MB)

Schaffer House 2 Small.m4v

MOV Format 720P (1.54GB)

Schaffer House 2.mov

MOV Format 480P (769MB)

Schaffer House 2-small.mov

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