Digital Refresh

Chapter 5: Pull it Together

PlumVille Nine Forty-Eight AM

Shay and Marky sat down on the steps and talked to Luka to get him calmed down to transport to the ship for medical attention. Luka was afraid of leaving his hometown.

"Luka, we need you to go to the ship to get treatment." Marky stated knowing this child feared his fate. "Will you go if Shay, sends sparkles with you to protect you."

"Sparkles, who is Sparkles" Luka asked thinking who in the heck is Sparkles.

"Meewow, Mrrwow" Sparkles purred as he walked up to Luka, Placing his head in the small teens lap.

Luka was shocked at first to have a tiger laying on him, but soon he was able to relax. "Sparkles will protect me from anything bad happening?"

"The only thing he will not prevent is medical care. But he will prevent any harm." Marky spoke while Shay looked on proud of the changes in Marky.

"Will you go up to the ship and receive care?" Shay asked already knowing the answer.

"Yes, but please help me find them" Luka again pointing at the picture in Shay's hand. "I just have to find them."

"Will do Luka. We will see you once your all healed up" Shay said rubbing the boys head.

"Shay, to Saratoga one teen and Sparkles to beam to Medical." Said Shay as he watched them both dissolve in a transporter beam. "Hope Bradley doesn't scare him."

"Bradley isn't on duty in medical currently." Marky said with a smile.

"Then who is on shift?" Shay asked a little perturbed since his copy of the roster for today showed Bradley was on shift.

"Tom" Marky said and then began walking around with his tricorder.

"If Tom is Medical, who is his nurse today? And you better not say B'elanna!" Shay shouted to Marky who was now a good twenty-five feet away.

"Annika asked to help in Medical" Marky yelled back at Shay but kept scanning away.

On the Other Side of Town

Alevrian, Frevidian and Bradley were scanning and investigating near the old mine.

"I smell people in this direction Alevrian, I can smell their fear it is overpowering." Frevidian stated looking at Bradley who started hitting his tricorder on the side to see why it was not picking anyone up.

"There are quite a few alive but there are some dead in the mine" Alevrian stated knowing this is not what Bradley wanted to hear just from the looks he was giving them.

"Bradley to Shay" Bradley spoke in disgust at his tricorder.

"Go for Shay" he said while calling Marky over to hear.

"Shay, we will need to have Alevrian and Frevidian do most of the search. There is something blocking our scans with the equipment. The Talbretians are able to smell the people when our scanners cannot." Bradley said putting up the tricorder.

"Thanks for the update, I'll get in touch with Buddy to see if we are missing updates on our tricorders, Shay out" Shay said understanding Bradley's reason for being upset.

"Shay to Buddy"

"Buddy, here what's up?"

"Can you run a diagnostic on the tricorders and see why we aren’t detecting lifesigns. Alevrian and Frevidian can smell people and where they are but the tricorders aren’t working." Shay repeated Bradley's findings to Buddy.

"Checking now." Buddy said while humming a song he found in the media library. "Found it, minor slip tricorders are set for our old phase variance. Pushing the update out now."

"Much better, the tricorders are picking up life signs. From the looks of it this town either has an extensive network of caves under it or sewers." Shay said to no one in particular.

Suddenly Shay's comm badge came to life. "Tom to Shay, my patient has some information for you." Tom said with some urgency.

"Tom, put him on." Shay said with interest.

"Sparkles said you were wanting to know about the caves. The caves begin at the school and end near the town hall. In emergencies we have always used these caves." Luka said with urgency. "The only problem with using the caves for longer than a few hours was the lack of oxygen.

"Thank You, Luka. We have it from here get some rest and get to feeling better little guy.

Caves below town

"David, we need to find a tunnel to air or unblock an entrance and get out of here." Terry stated matter of factly.

"I agree, lets see if the town hall entrance is still open." David stated as the most logical option.

Townhall ten twenty-seven am

"Marky, I am detecting movement eight feet below the stairs." Shay said as the tricorder started bleeping.

"How do we get to them Shay?" Marky asked while attempting to get his whits under control.

"Shay to Reg, can you beam down to my coordinates." Shay asked with excitement.

"Captain is there anything I need to bring." Reg asked cautiously.

"Reg, my name is Shay. Call me Shay. Yes, bring the portable controls for the Large-scale replicator." Shay said almost chocking at the thought of Reg, forgetting he is family.

City Hall twenty minutes later

"Reg, do you think we can convert this rubble to matter and store it and slowly open up access to the caves?" Shay asked, think how this seamed, to have not been an option before.

"Shay we can do what your asking. We just need to go carefully." Reg suggested airing on a side of caution.

"Marky, will monitor life signs below us incase something goes a miss. Bradley you will monitor the rock structure and let Reg know if there is a better piece to remove first." Shay announced giving them each a piece of the responsibility. "Reg go ahead and start removing the first layer of debris."

Soon the slow process of transforming rubble to static matter had begun. They all watched with bated breath as the rubble started to disappear. After about fifteen minutes three teens could be seen below the last rubble to be moved. Shay gave the universal hand signal to stop to keep them from being turned to static matter. Once the system was shut off Shay asked, "is there anyone hurt or who needs help down here."

"We have multiple wounded down here and several dead." The young lad said before breaking down in to tears.

"Bradley go down and begin triaging everyone and sorting out who goes where. The dead can be transported to the cargo bay for our temporary morgue. Sickbay for the worst case and club ninety-nine can be used for less critical. Make sure someone on the ship is waiting to receive noncritical in the club and let them know the sound system should be set to the Harry preset." Shay advised his team. "Reg, go with Alevrian and Frevidian, they will help with anyone else found in other building or rubble."

"We are on our way" Reg's team stated as they moved along while scanning for any life signs.

"Guys, anyone you find who is not in need of medical but can help send them to me." Shay shouted to them and got a thumbs up in return.

Medical Bay

"Tom how is our patient doing?" Annika asked gently while reviewing the bed assignments and preparing for more incoming.

"This little guy is ready to go" Tom stated while Annika giggled. "alright what is so funny."

"How is this teen a little person when he is taller and heavier than you are?" Annika asked with a smile. "I know why you would say it. But it is no longer accurate. You are not six-foot-tall, and you do not outweigh this teenager. He appears to be older than you are."

"Why Annika, do you feel it necessary to remind me of our changes." Tom said while rubbing circles on his temples. "It's not like your any different, you feel feelings now and your thoughts are not shared in one mind hive?"

"This is beside the point now. We have wounded arriving in thirty seconds." Annika said almost emotionless. "I will have Naomi prep the club for in bound and let the shuttle bay know they are going to be the morgue for a little while.

Several Hours Later in the Officers Conference Room

"Medical, report please." Shay stated while sitting at the head of the table. He was worried about how to let Luka know about his family.

"Shay, the breakdown is as follows:

                Total Population of PlumVille 1345

              Un Injured                                       365

              Non-Critical                                     435

              Critical Condition                              325

              Dead                                               220


Currently there are several families in shambles or completely gone. We are working to find places for everyone." Marky stated solemnly while looking at Shay with a question in his eyes.

"Engineering" Shay asked patiently as B'elanna was fighting her padd.

"Um, yes. We are currently working with this town and two others to rebuild buildings, houses, churches and schools. Once we are done with this project, we will need to shut down the large-scale replicator for twenty-four hours for maintenance. Since this is the longest period it has been used continuously.

"How long does it really need to be down?" Shay asked to see if she was trying to rush job it.

"It can take up to thirty-six hours, but I am confident it will not take that long." B'elanna stated with a hyperactive atmosphere.

"B'elanna, however long it takes is what I expect, No rush jobs or short cuts. We are using this system to rebuild homes and we do not need it causing any destruction due to improper care." Shay stated with an air of finality.

Just as Shay finished Bradley walked in with Luka. Once they were in the room they stood by the wall and waited for a moment with Shay. They did not have to wait long.

"Luka, I have some bad news for you." Shay said while trying to keep his voice steady.

Bradley and Luka walked over to Shay. Luka placed his right hand on Shays cheek. "Shay, Bradley has already told me of my family and my house. But I have a question, see me and Bradley had a discussion a few minutes ago. He said if I wanted to, I could move in with him and his brother and son." Luka said while gently rubbing his thumb on Shays face trying to calm the older teen down. "He said he wanted to be my daddy, but he is not much older than myself."

"Bradley, come here." Shay said while smiling as he gently placed his hand over Luka's hand." Bradley, I understand you offered to be Luka's Dad is that correct?"

"Yes sir" Bradley stated and then saw the eyebrow raise." I mean yes Shay."

"Annika, please come over here and witness please." Shay stated while looking Bradley in the eyes. "By the authority granted by me. I here by grant you to be his guardian. Now will he be keeping his current last name, or will he be taking yours?"

"I want to be a Jax" Luka stated loudly.

"However, Shay we need to work out where young Mr. Jax will be attending school." Annika stated with concern.

"Mrs. Annika, May I still attend school at Mountain Oaks?" Luka asked with some hope. "I still have a few friends going there. At least once the building is rebuilt."

B'elanna stood up and walked over to Luka. "Actually, according to my records Mountain Oaks has been rebuilt to look like its original design but the functionality is much better."

"Functionality" Luka said looking at here like she had three heads.

"What she means it they rebuilt it to modern standards. All fire alarms and computers have been updated to current standards." Shay answered with a smile and added "They also replaced the radiator heating and old window unit air conditioners with something a bit less antique."

"Bradley, I mean Dad. Can I still go to school there?" Luka said turning on the puppy dog eyes to full power.

"Yes, you may attend school there" Bradley answered before the puppy dog eyes took effect.

"Can Franklin and Zackary attend school there too?" Luka asked quickly as if trying to slide it past Bradley.

"I don't know about them. You would need to ask them if they plan on going to school at Mountain Oaks or if they want to be schooled here or would they want to attend school over the subspace with the Vulcan Academy?" Bradley calmly explained.

As if on cue the conference room table intercom came to life. "Umm, Dad I want to go to the school" Zackary stated "Oh, Shay I hope you don’t mind me crashing your meeting."

"Tell Noland I will discuss this with him later." Shay said with an evil smile. "Zackary do you know if Franklin would be up for the change of schools.

"He is standing here. He said he would like to attend as it would give him better understanding of this world." Zackary stated knowing Franklin would be going and they would be attending school with his new little brother.

"With this matter settled, I would like for a few people to volunteer until we find more helpers to run the clan care center for these children who have lost their parents or guardians to this attack." Shay asked knowing they would need to get a few more volunteers from across the ship.

"Shay, Me and Ensign Pulaski would like to move earth side to help out, but I understand we would need to wait until we have replacements for our positions." Marky said while taping his foot under the table.

"Marky, I will allow you to go earth side to help out. However, if you do not mind helping four hours a day on the ship just to oversee Bradley's promotion to Chief Medical Officer. Then I will allow you to transfer off the ship." Shay stated knocking the air out of Bradley with just his words and causing Marky to start jumping back flips. "Just remember once the clan home is outfitted and staffed, you can still change your mind if you want, and two you will always be a part of our family. If you need help you will call."

"Shay, I will not forget to call you if I have any problems." Marky said with happy tears running down his face. "May I go and tell Jeffrey about this?"

"I am positive he already knows" Shay said counting down from three with his fingers and then pointing at the door.

The door opened and in rushed Ensign Pulaski. "Marky, did I hear we are going earth side"

"Yeppers you did" Shay said with a smile. "Noland, I know you have hijacked our meeting. Please stop or we will go see our dear friend Brant and see what he has to say about your broadcasting of our meeting?" Shay said to the ceiling.

"Got me, I will let you have your meeting, Nibbles." Noland giggled as the intercom went dead.

"Comedians, a ship full of comedians" Shay said as he laid his head down on the table.

Authors Note: This seems to be a good place to stop. With more going on in the background than ever.

Have fun reading.