Jesse's Story

Chapter 3: Recovery and Alliances

Trails through the woods

Chad looked back at the two and knew they had it bad, in more than one way. Chad noticed, Jesse had curled up in front of Kenneth. Kenneth had his arm wrapped tightly around Jesse as they both were almost purring instead of snoring. Chad looked for a place to pull off since they had several hours left to drive before they arrived at cabin two, but he had been thinking about an idea do to something which his parents had stated earlier. Seeing an opportunity to pull over he made his move.

"Guys, wake up! Please I have an idea to bounce off of you." Chad said getting a Finger from Jesse and a grunt from Kenneth. "Dammit, I'm serious! This would help keep y'all together, possibly!"

"Chad, what are ya thinking about buddy?" Kenneth said quietly hoping Jesse would not squeeze any tighter on his package.

Jesse opened his eyes found his left hand then couldn't understand what he was holding with his groggy mind trying to sleep, until he squeezed it tighter.

"God, please help me!" Kenneth shouted out of nowhere.

"Oops, sorry was beginning to think I was holding a rope. At least, until you screamed!" Jesse said with an apologetic look on face even though there was a glint of mischief in his eyes.

"Chad, what was it you were saying?" Kenneth asked while he tenderly checked to see if it was still all there.

"My family as I have said own a Theme Park." Chad started when Kenneth cut him off.

"So you want us to work for you at the park?"

"No, let me finish please." Chad asked then heard Kenneth wince as Jesse grabbed him.

"Ken, you will not interrupt him again, am I clear."

"Crystal Clear" Kenneth let out a breath and looked at Jesse with fear.

"Um, what I was going to say is they have had several visits from Family Clan Short, Maybe we can ask them for help." Chad said waiting for Kenneth to smart off.

"Well I know they help children and families in need, but do you think they could help us? or that we could be useful in their organization?" Jesse asked as he began to think aloud. "Y'all have military experience, Chad you have medical and veterinarian experience, and well I can help them cook food or if they need guest services?"

"I think you could help with children who are adjusting from being beaten to adjust to living with caring individuals." Chad said hoping Jesse could see he is worth more than he knows. "So shall I give them a call?"

"I vote yes!" Kenneth said with great relief as Jesse let him go. "But, I think its they need us all or nothing."

"I don't think it will hurt to check and see." Jesse said while stretching out to yawn.

"Alright Guys, I will call my parents and get the number." Chad said knowing things might get a little looney.

Twenty Minutes Later

"Guys, I have a contact number for the Clan. However, I was warned by my parents they will want to do a full scan of each person before you can step on Clan property. Meaning they will see everything you have done Kenneth, Jesse. So, I am worried do to the work I have done." Chad explained hoping they understood this could possibly get Kenneth taken away or worse. "Plus to make matters worse my parents were saying there has been an attack in the last few days. They are going to be on high alert"

"Lets do it. I know what's on my plate. We will leave it up to them." Kenneth said rubbing Jesse's face gently.

"Calling now!" Chad said, then began dialing the number and placing the call on speaker phone.

"Thank You for calling Family Clan Short of Vulcan this call will be recorded. Please be advised you're location is being recorded. Would you like an in person interview or a phone based interview?" The young voice said over the phone.

"Guys, how do you want to proceed?" Chad asked expecting a vocal answer.

As the guys started talking it out the youngster on the phone started chuckling.

"Interviewer will be at your location in thirty seconds, have a great day." The voice stated and then the phone hung up.

"Well that was unique." Jesse stated looking at Kenneth like it would be his last day together.

Heart attack number one

"Tsk tsk tsk, you think we are going to separate you after all you've been through?" The redhead said from the front passenger bench next to Chad. Who let out a loud girlish scream.

"Well he got payback, just not directly from me." Jesse said with a small smile on his face. "Well it looks like the car will need a detailing too."

"Hope, I'm not on that list" Kenneth said at a mumble only to be interrupted by an unusual girl.

"Resistance is futile!" the young girl said watching Kenneth trying to escape the car. "Don't leave the vehicle we are about to go for a non driving ride."

"A Non - Driving Ride? Transport? Do you speak English as a primary or secondary language?" Chad asked once he had checked his heartrate.

"Which form of English do you require? Old, New, Abridged, Latin English, Roman English, Boston English or one of the many Dialect variants? Shall I continue?" Annika asked with no hint of a smile. "Technically, English was my primary until I was turned into a drone. After that any form of language could serve as primary."

"Scottish English?" Chad asked then remembering Jesse wasn't fairing well with temper. "New English is fine."

"Please, put your seat belts on and enjoy the ride." Annika said and waited for the three guys to fasten up. Then she quickly tapped her Commbadge "Beam us to the shuttle bay, and have Bradley meet us there."

Shuttle Bay - USS Saratoga

Bradley stood stoically waiting to see who was being beamed up and was surprised to see a well maintained vintage station wagon materialize in front of him.

"We have arrived you may unfasten your seatbelts" Annika stated calmly as she unbuckled her seatbelt and stepped out of the car and started speaking to a large teenager.

"Guys, I have viewed your memories. Kenneth normally for everything you have committed you would be placed on trial. However, that being said you have made peace with the person you tormented and emotionally you've shown regret for it happening. We will be monitoring your progress while your here any regression back and it will not be pleasant." the young redhead spoke while maintaining eye contact. "All of you will be accepted into this crew, because all of you have experience in various areas."

"Everyone out of the car" Annika said as she leaned through the open window.

Once everyone was out of the car Bradley gathered their attention. "Welcome to the Saratoga, My name is Bradley Dax." Bradley said looking at the nervous faces. "First things first, Please tell me your names and what brought you here?"

The guys looked at each other seeing who would speak first. While Bradley stood there and chuckled at them acting like school kids.

Kenneth started to get upset and was about to say something when Jesse gave his ribs a nudge. "My name is Jesse Brogden, I am here because one we are trying to find help as we get away from a bad situation, furthermore we wanted to see if we could be of help in the clan." Jesse was worried they thought he might want to lounge or loaf off of them.

"No, Jesse you will not be looked at as lounging or loafing." Bradley stated as he pointed to Chad

"My name is Chad Nelson, I was run out of town by the local church. Before leaving Kenneth asked for my help and now we are here." Chad said maintaining eye contact.

"I'm Kenneth Bowers, it's all my fault." Kenneth started, then began to breakdown. "Paul and me were tormenting Jesse, beating him and worse. If I had not been afraid of Paul, maybe I could have gotten Jesse out of there a long time ago."

Kenneth explained on as he slowly began to slump to his knees eventually breaking eye contact. Jesse had ran up and was trying to comfort him when Bradley knelt down and lifted his head. "Yes, I already have a full report." Bradley said pointing first to the redhead who smiled and disappeared. Then pointed to his head. "Are you willing to help us as we help you through everything?" Bradley asked still holding the young crying mans head so he could see his eyes. "Calm down we aren't going to hurt you. But if you don't calm down I will need to give you a sedative."

"I will work through this and help wherever I'm nee..." Kenneth said before his body went limp.

Bradley gently picked up the young man. "Looks like someone couldn't calm down. Lets go to my office."

Chad started to speak three times and keep stalling out as he looked at Bradley. Jesse on the other hand. "Not, like you helped the situation."

"Jesse, just be glad this is my teenage body. We came here through a portal from our universe to yours. I was a lot bigger then, but I am still growing." Bradley said with a kind look as he continued to carry Kenneth to the Medical Bay.

Medical Bay

Henry looked up as Bradley entered carrying a young man and followed by to more. "I though you weren't going to adopt more kids?"

"Kids?" Chad asked with a snort. "We aren't kids!"

"Don't mind Henry. You're the correct age to be kids to most of the crew or grand kids to other members of the crew." Bradley said with a mirth. "Like I said, we were adults before our arrival here."

Bradley laid Kenneth down on an available bio-bed and ran a scan on him then stopped the scanner. "Who the hell put explosives in him?" Bradley said in a low whisper.

"Bradley, that can't be correct. I removed nine trackers and one explosive device from him less than a day ago." Chad said trying to get a look at the scans.

"What Model scanner did you use?" Bradley asked as he began removing the device.

"MediTek 2850D, it is about six years old." Chad said still looking at Kenneth and then remembering Jesse. "how are you doing sport?"

"Once he has finished with Kenneth, he will need to check me as well?" Jesse stated a little disappointed because it wasn't over. "Chad, don't get upset about this please."

"I will look up later why your scanner didn't detect this device." Bradley said as he finished removing the device and placed it on the side table. "Jesse hop up on the bed over there and I will check you as well."

Jesse walked over to the table and climbed up.

Bradley ran his fingers over the controls of the bio-bed. Then he stopped abruptly and Chad knew he had found the abuse. "Bradley, I can only guess what you have found."

"If I find the person responsible for all this damage." Bradley said his voice full of cold bitter fury.

"Correction, If we find Paul!" Chad said as he placed his hand on top of Bradley's forearm to calm him down. "How is he otherwise?"

"No explosives found." Bradley said as a tear rolled down his face. "Your next, please hop up on the blue bed over there."

Bradley ran the scan on Chad, only finding old wounds on him. "Your good. I recommend we give them another fifteen minutes on the beds before we go on the tour." Bradley said then lifted Chad off the bed. "Chad after downloading your information I have a few questions for you."

"Ask away." Chad said remembering this teen had seen every bit of his memories.

"Knowing your areas of knowledge I wanted to ask if you were interested in working Earth-side or on the ship? Secondly, do you see yourself working in medical or with the tactical response teams?" Bradley asked knowing this young man could do both if he so desired.

"Bradley, I really don't know where I would want to be. I really want to stay and watch over those two for the time being. However, I really would prefer to work in medical. I prefer saving lives as to taking them." Chad said looking from Bradley back to his hands remembering some of the things he had to do in the military.

"Then for now lets get your rooms together and y'all settled in." Bradley said as he checked the system for available rooms. "Here we go, three rooms just down from my room."

"I think we only need two rooms, since those two will be inseparable." Chad said pointing his thumb over at the two love birds on the Bio Beds.

"Before we make a decision on the room we need to see what they want to do with it. Because I was going to suggest we convert those rooms in to a family design." Bradley said with a knowing grin. "Besides, Wait till you meet my brother and sons."

"Wait, what? Sons?" Chad said as he started to sway.

Bradley walked over and brought Chad into a hug. "Yes sons."

"How can you have sons, you're sixteen?" Chad mumbled in to Bradley's large yet comfortable chest.

"Lets see there are a few methods. The first is the birds and the bee's. The second is adoption or third I could have built him if I was into robotics." Bradley said with a chuckle as Chad slowly turned inside the hug, placing his back to Bradley's chest. "You seem quite comfortable here Chad."

"I am but, I am concerned about our age differences." Chad said while stroking Bradley's left arm.

"Technically, I should be the one to bring up age. I am after all in my forties." Bradley said waiting on Chad to stutter over this piece of information. "We are from a different universe. This crew all arrived here as children in body and sometimes in temperament."

"Then how do you want to proceed?" Chad asked softly.

"We will have a family meeting once we have finished the tour." Bradley said pointing to the bio-beds. Where Kenneth and Jesse sat staring at Chad in shock after Henry released the restraining fields.

Moments later in Club 99

Harry and Reg sat talking at table three, when the doors to the club opened.

"Bradley, who have you brought with you today?" Reg asked feeling like he knew one of them but couldn't figure out how.

Bradley looked to Reg and Harry. "Guys, these are a few new faces to the ship until they decide if they want to make it permanent. This is Chad, Kenneth and Jesse." Bradley stopped talking when Reg and Harry both ran at breakneck speed to them.

"Jessie, what is your last name?" Harry said weezeing when he stopped running.

"Brogden" Jesse said hesitantly wondering if his family owed them money.

Kenneth stepped up behind Jesse as he noticed he was shaking.

"Jesse would your mothers name happen to be Beverly?" Reg asked and immediately wished he had not asked the question. "I'm sorry please forgive me, I didn't mean to stir up bad memories.

Kenneth wrapped his arms around Jesse as he began to cry. "His mothers name was Beverly, she died a few years ago." Kenneth said giving the two a look which dared them to speak again.

"Reg what's this about" Bradley said as he was giving Kenneth, and Jesse an extended hug.

"I can answer the question." Hal said walking up to them. "Besides someone needs to start talking before their emotions go off the chart and a fight breaks out."

"I concur, No fighting only talking." Daddy Data said approaching the group. "Lets go to table twenty three, I will meet you there once I have enough cookies for our chat."

"Reg, before we sit down. Can I show them the system?" Bradley asked quietly.

"Why are you trying to hide you're excitement?" Chad asked while running a finger down Bradley's arm.

"I find it so cool it's a piece of our history, plus it has such good sound for its age." Bradley said calmly.

"I never knew you were a fan of the system?" Reg said slightly shocked to find this tidbit out.

As they rounded the corner Jesse shot off like lightning had struck. "Oh, my a CP500. I didn't know they came in this color scheme. Red and grey, I've only seen blue and grey. Are you interfacing with this through analog connection or digital connection."

"Oh, no another one!" Harry said jokingly realizing it was a mistake.

"What, I can't appreciate a classic sound processor? One made with style and functionality!" Jesse said with excitement dripping from his voice like ice cream dripping down the side of a cone in the summer heat.

"Don't worry he doesn't run the club and he can't remove the system." Reg said while hugging Harry.

"I have the required cookies ready for our discussion." Daddy Data said watching the scene before him unfold with hidden glee.

Back at table twenty three

Hal sat looking at some information on the built in terminal when everyone came to the table in considerably better mood.

"Hal, would you care to explain since apparently you have a bit more knowledge." Bradley stated knowing Hal always knew more information then he ever knowingly let on.

"Short story is our Jessie was an instructor at the academy when our universe began to crumble. Jessie was friends with everyone. His other half was a complete ass. When we asked him to join us on the ship as we looked for a way to save our people. Saul insisted Jessie stay with him and not leave him alone during this time. Saul left Jessie after we left to ensure Jessie would be alone and not be with friends. Three days before the end of our universe we each received notification of his death. Upon arrival here we have found several people we knew were alive here. Of course they don't know who we are and are confused like you are." Hal summarized hoping he didn't scare them.

"I understand you're loss but, please understand I am not him. That said, if ya'll want to be friends with me then no problem." Jesse said understanding they knew a Jessie who they missed greatly. "Besides, his mistake was to trust Saul, I wonder if he is the same as Paul?"

"Guys, we still need to know if you want to live here on the ship or earth side?" Bradley asked hoping here would be the answer.

"I vote here." Jesse said looking at Bradley.

"If Jesse stays then I'm staying." Kenneth said calmly at first. "If you'll have me?" Kenneth asked looking in to Jesse's eyes.

"Did you have to ask?" Jesse asked knowing Kenneth was still wrestling his demons.

"It's settled then." Chad said causing everyone to look at him as if he had a third eye.

"Chad, If you're staying here then answer this question. My cabin or yours?" Bradley asked causing Kenneth to spit milk and cookies out.

"I thought we would stay together?" Kenneth said as tears began to stream down his face. "I don't want us to split up."

"Honey, calm down. You interrupted him again." Jesse said gaining a look of terror from Kenneth. "No punishment this time."

"I have an idea" Bradley said with a chuckle wondering how long until Kenneth started wearing a transparent aluminum cup. "We could have my cabin which is already in family configuration expanded to include the three of you."

"What would your brother and sons think?" Chad asked making sure they had a say.

"Lets ask them?" Hal said as he pointed to the door.

"Luka, Franklin, Zackary come over here please." Bradley animatedly waved at the three.

Luka walked up and surprised everyone at the table including his daddy. "You must be my new Pappa!" Luka walked over and hugged Chad.

Franklin observed with a predatory look on his face. First he walked over to Kenneth and shook his hand. "Don't disappoint me." then he walked over to Jesse and hugged him. "Once you've had sometime to rest up. We will go to the ships gym and I will help you learn some defensive moves incase anyone else try's to harm you."

Zackary first walked over to Chad. "Do I have to call you Poppa? Can I just call you Chad or Daddy Chad?"

"What ever you're comfortable with calling me. Just please not ass-hat." Chad said with a laugh only to find Zackary wasn't laughing.

"I will call you Daddy Chad. I will not call you any snarky names. I might have the Clan AI give you a dunk if I'm upset but no name calling it tends to hurt peoples feelings." Zackary said while hugging Chad.

Reg looked over to the door to see Noland walking over to the table. "Hey Noland, what's going on?"

"Just wanted to let you know we have completed the renovation task we were asked to start." Noland said with a smile.

"What have you done now?" Bradley asked wondering who said what?

"We have completed your quarters." Noland said then thinking better of it asked. "Was it not needed?"

They all turned to Bradley as the loud crack occurred as he smacked his forehead.

"Well according to temporal mechanics, there is no time like the present." Daddy Data said grinning at Bradley. "Shall we go see the results?"


Author Notes

I want to send a word of Thanks out to Daryll for giving me some words of advice. Hopeful, I can implement more on the next chapter. Please enjoy the Chapter and remember comments are always welcome.