Jesse's Story

Chapter 2: Healing


Picnic Table

"Jesse, the only answer I can give is you never deserved the treatment you received by me or the brute. I know it will not mean much but I am so sorry for letting this continue for this long. I let my fear rule my decisions and went along with him." Kenneth said looking at Jesse and then at the table when his disgust took over.

Jesse tentatively reached his left hand out and took hold of Kenneth's hand to get his attention. "Instinctively, I knew it was a fear of Paul. Paul once was a good person until he started going to the church. But, ignoring who or what Paul has become why did you save me?" Jesse said in whisper while squeezing Kenneth's arm.

"I have always like you from the moment that Paul introduced us so many years ago. Back when things were different." Kenneth said looking into Jesse's hazel eyes and wishing he could take it all back.

"What are you not telling me? I know your holding back, please just tell me." Jesse asked while hoping this fool would say what he already knew.

Kenneth's shoulders began slumping and tears started to stream down his face. "Jesse, I am Bi. I should have never let him touch you ever. I have always liked you, more like loved you. But I let my fear control my choices and here we are. I do not even think you can forgive me, nor do I think I can forgive myself." Kenneth laid his head on the table crying as if the world did not exist.

"Hey, calm down and talk to me." Jesse tried over and over to get him to stop crying to talk. "Chad, I know you are by the door. Please come over here and check him out he's not responding."

"Jesse, I think we need to give him some time to get this out of his system." Chad stated gently placing a hand on Jesse's shoulder. "Did, I hear him correctly? Did he just admit having feelings for you?"

"He did say he does have feeling for me. I always knew there was a reason he was less destructive than Paul. But there is more I need to tell him. " Jesse said while rubbing a hand up and down his right leg.

"Can you tell me then?" Chad said rubbing Jesse's shoulders gently.

"No matter how safe you believe we are here. You are most mistaken." Jesse said looking up across his left shoulder at chad. "He implanted trackers in both of us. The only reason I know is because it was paid for through my checking account."

Letting go of his shoulders Chad made a beeline for the RV. "I will be right back. I need my scanner."

"Take your time we aren't going anywhere just yet." Jesse said looking to where Chad ran too. "Besides, I don’t have a fricken clue where I am."

Picnic Table Twenty Minutes Later

"Guys, I found my medical scanner" Chad said and then noticed they had both fallen asleep. Jesse was still holding on to Kenneth. "Guys! Wake UP!"

"What do you want Mom, can I sleep five more minutes?" Kenneth said without moving and inch.

"Ditto" Jesse said a moment later as if on autopilot.

"Dammit you two, this isn’t a joke. If you do have trackers on you then we will need to remove those and go else were to stay." Chad Shouted will banging his hands on the table.

"Shit, Trackers what are you talking about." Kenneth asked as he woke up with a groggy start.

"The trackers the Asshat installed the day we went to visit the church last year. Don't tell me you have forgotten." Jesse said gently while letting go of Kenneth's arm.

"What, when no he would not… Yeah he would but how did he pay for them." Kenneth asked groggily.

"He has been paying for them using my checking account." Jesse said gently knowing he was not the only one being tracked.

"Like I said, I found my medical scanner." Chad said holding it in the air like it was the cure for diabetes. "Who is first?"

"Scan me first so Kenneth will understand better." Jesse said with a cold look at Kenneth.

"Climb up on the table and lay on your back." Chad asked politely knowing he did not want to see what Jesse was capable of doing. "Kenneth go in the house and get my medical bag off the table."

Chad started scanning Jesse starting with his left arm, then the right arm. Followed by the chest and then the legs, feet and hands. Once Kenneth had come back outside, he wanted to run back in the house due to the number of obscenities streaming from Chads mouth.

"Jesse, there are a total of six trackers in your body." Chad said holding his tongue trying not to swear anymore. "I can remove them, but I will need to put you to sleep for a few minutes to keep the pain down."

"Please just take them out. I can take the pain just ask Kenneth." Jesse said tears in his eyes.

"Before I remove them. I think I need to know how many Kenneth has as well." Chad said knowing Jesse was beyond pissed off. "Kenneth lie down on the bench and I will scan you."

Scanning Kenneth took a few minutes longer and when Chad was finished scanning, he began to rant. "Guys once these are removed, then we will leave to head to my other cabin. Kenneth has nine of these trackers and looks like an explosive device big enough to stop his heart."

"Just do what you can to help Jesse. I know I deserve my fate." Kenneth said and was surprised by Jesse rolling off the table and landing on him. What surprised him most was the fist to the face.

"No! I will not let you be left behind. You will not take the easy road out. Chad, start with him take them out."

Chad looked at the scene with a smirk knowing how things would be in a few months. "Fine but you will need to get back up on the table for me to start."

Picnic Table thirty minutes later

"Kenneth, go in the house and take two of the red pills with some water." Chad said pointing at the pills on the other bench. "Jesse this may hurt a bit."

"Chad, drop the bedside manner and get it over with. I have a really bad feeling they are close." Jesse said rubbing his leg again.

"Don't say I didn't warn you this is going to hurt." Chad said as he hid behind his mask as a field medic.

"Chad! There are two trucks at the back gate. They are trying to push it over!" Kenneth Screamed pointing at the security screens.

"Jesse, I have them all out are you ready to load up and get out of here." Chad said calmly even if he wanted to murder the fools responsible for implanting these trackers.

"Let us go. I know they will be here shortly." Jesse said walking up to Kenneth and wrapping him in a hug.

"Kenneth, park your truck in the garage. We will be taking on of my other vehicles." Chad said as they both looked around only seeing the RV. "Move it now!"

Like a shot Kenneth was running to the truck to move it. As Jesse ran in the house to grab the flash drive with all his important documents on it. Once they both met back up with Chad a slow gentle rumble started. Then the house and garage began to sink followed by the ground closing up to appear this was just a clearing in the woods.

"Chad, do I want to know how you afforded the system required to hide the house." Kenneth asked bewildered then looked at Jesse who was smirking.

"My parents own an amusement park and had numerous government contracts. So, they did sort of fortify the house and cabin a bit." Chad said with a smile. "Come on follow me up this hill before they make it up that driveway."

Climbing the Hill

They slowly made it up the rocky hillside. Looking down they saw a white truck in the distance trying to cross the gullies of the driveway they chose to ascend. Once they made the top there was a small platform and control panel with a steel track running in both directions.

"Chad, why is there a roller coaster platform here of all places." Kenneth asked still looking a little perplexed.

"Simple, it is a ride I had built for when I wanted to, I could ride it without going to the park. And two there is a station near the road with a garage next to it so I could get out and hit the town without waking the rents up." Chad said while operating the control panel. "Besides, you would have known this if you would have at least tried to get to know me a few years back."

"Chad, I am sorry. I wasn’t ready to be out at the time and I'm still not ready to be out." Kenneth said slowly while looking into Jesse's eyes.

"Here we go guys. Just hop in and pull the bar down. It will cycle through a safety check and weight check and then off we go." Chad said as the cars rolled to a stop in front of them.

As the guys loaded up Chad took the back seat and watched to see if they would sit together or split up taking the seats in row one and two. He got his answer as Jesse pushed Kenneth into the seat first and then sat down beside him. Once the bars had been pulled down and the car had started moving.

"Chad if this is a steel coaster then should it have just lap restraints or would it need shoulder harnesses?" Jesse asked looking at this simple and not so simple coaster car.

"Once the car is moving you will understand. Uh, here we go." Chad stated as the car nudged forward gently.  

"Um, how fast does this thing get?" Jesse asked with a tremble in his voice.

"I think it really depends on weight in the car. The system will calibrate the max speed using sensors in the car and the track limitations." Chad yelled to Jesse as the car picked up speed. He really did not think Jesse would like to know this car gets up to over one hundred miles per hour.

Jesse started to panic as the car started picking up speed. First, he started pulling at the lap bar to see if it was secure. Then he began to look to see if the seat belt would get any tighter. This is the point Kenneth noticed the terror Jesse was going through. He slowly reached over Jesse's head and placed his arm behind him embracing him in a hug and reached his other hand over on top of Jesse's hands to hopefully calm him down.

"Chad, Dude please tell me you can slow the ride down. Jesse is not doing well up here." Kenneth screamed hoping Chad had some control over this ride. "Please he is not doing well."

"Fine, I was having fun too." Chad yelled as he set the top speed down to forty-five even though he knew they were safe. "It should slow down momentarily."

Jesse stopped shaking when the braking systems came to life and slowed the ride down. Looking back to Chad with a look of murder Jesse shouted at Chad. "I will get you back for this hell ride."

Chad looked down at the control system and noticed there was now a second car active. As he set the system to slow car two down to a max speed of thirty. He yelled at Kenneth. "Whoever is following you they are now on car two. I have set their max speed and have them set to go down to the opposite side of the property."

Car Two

"Paul, just in case you cared. I do not like roller coasters." Frank said as the car picked up speed.

"So why should I care if you're such a pansy. We have to ride it to catch them so shut up and put your big boy shorts on and shut the hell up." Paul said with disgust rolling off his tongue. The church paired him up with this want to be big guy. "Like I told you before shut the hell up and stay out of my way or I will kill you like I did his parents."

"Are you kidding me? You killed his parents?" Frank asked more to himself but still aloud.

"Yes, my job as an enforcer of the church involves killing anyone the church finds as unfaithful. If you are not careful you will be my next target so just remember to do as you are told or else." Paul said with no remorse without even looking at Frank. He was not worth his time at the moment.

Car One at the Garage

"Chad what an exhilarating ride" Kenneth said with excitement before he saw the look of rage on Jesse's face.

"Thanks buddy, Y'all are the first outside of the family to ride this ride." Chad said worried due to the look Jesse was sporting on his face.

Jesse first walked up to Kenneth like he was going to kiss him and then quickly smacked him hard across the left cheek. Then turning on his heels and walked toward Chad with fire in his eyes. He punched chad in the stomach but was surprised as Chad simply looked at him with a smile.

"Jesse, I know you are upset but you will need to hit me harder to make me flinch. I was in the military and that was barely a love tap." Chad said smiling the entire time to get the point across to Jesse. "Now if you are through trying to start something let us hop in a car and get the hell out of here." Chad said pointing to the cars in the garage.

Chad unlocked the garage and opened the door and ushered his guests inside. "So which ride do you think would be best to leave in?" Chad asked looking at their faces as they gawked at the different cars in the garage.

"Chad, can we take the station wagon?" Jesse said looking at it and thinking of his mother's car.

"Actually, it would be a good idea if they come back to see if they can determine what type of car we took. Considering the other cars are either sports cars or vans." Kenneth said with humor in his voice. "Besides, they would be looking for the wrong type of vehicle."

"Alright, get in let me find the keys." Chad said in a nonplus voice. As he was looking for the keys the buzzer when off on the wall. "Guys, looks like we have about thirty minutes till they get here. They just arrived on the other side of the property."

Walking back to the station wagon Chad circled the car making sure all the tires were up and ready for the drive. Then looked at the battery terminals after raising the hood.

"Well Chad do you think it will start?" Jesse said looking all around the car like a kid in a museum.

"My family has a company which maintains all the vehicles and property so we should be good." Chad said as he placed the key in the car's ignition. The car started on the first try without any issues. "Let's roll guys."

"Chad, what type of cars are at the other garage?" Kenneth asked out of curiosity. "The only reason I ask is they are not going to be the same type cars, are they?"

"Actually, the cars over there are maintenance vehicles for the property. All of them are mainly truck's or tractors. No cars at all." Chad said with a smile as he realized the meaning of the question. "And definitely no sports cars."

"You guys can sit in the back seats. I will drive and then you guys can take a nap. That way if we pass them on the street, they will not see you." Chad said with a smile. Although to be honest he was wanting to see if they would start to get closer.

"Chad wipe the smile off your face" Kenneth said with a smile. "You old dog, you want to see if we will get closer. I have always known you were an old romantic."

"Look, I have no problem if you get closer but if you attempt to hurt me you will regret it" Jesse said with a fiery voice. "Now if you don’t mind, I am taking a nap."


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