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The Tales of Kyle Esparar

All I want For Christmas Is...

Brat meets Xavier Melià

Brat had just finished his shift at Starfleet Headquarters in the Presidio of San Francisco and was headed home to check on Kyle's kids. Well, check on wasn't the truth Kyle just wanted to go have fun with his adopted nephews and nieces. With Kyle and his kids, he never knew how many kids would be there to greet him. Kyle had started out with three kids, however, after a trip to Naples Florida he came back with another kid, a brother for Dennis; Meagan's friend Dulcie spends so much time at Kyle's house that he should adopt her as well. Since he had a fairly rough day, he decided to enjoy the beautifully warm Autumn weather, and walk home.

He had just entered the residential section of the Presidio when he saw a young kid possibly a teenager wandering semi aimlessly on the opposite side of the street. He tried getting a better look at the kid he could see as he got closer that it was a boy. However, he couldn't get much of a look as the boy was walking with his head down. What surprised Brat was that the boy didn't have an iPhone or iPad in hands, he was just looking at the sidewalk as he wandered aimlessly. Brat decided that something wasn't right, however, he didn't want to scare the boy, so he kept on walking away. Once he was far enough away that he thought the kid wouldn't hear him he called Rex on his comm and asked him to ride his bike to meet him. Rex, of course, agreed as he would do almost anything for his 'Uncle' Brat. Brat was also concerned because he didn't recognize the boy as living around here. Within a few minutes, Rex arrived on his bike,

"Hi, Uncle Brat what's up?"

"Rex, see that boy wandering down the sidewalk, not looking where he is going?"

"Ya, who is he?"

"I don't know who he is, and he doesn't live around here, and he looks like he could use some help. I am afraid that if I went over to talk to him, I might scare him. I haven't had time to go home and change out my uniform. If I was dressed in civies I might have taken the chance and got over and talked to him. So, would you please go over and talk to him and see what's going on. If you can bring him over to my place so I can help him if he needs help. Can you do that for me?" Brat asked Rex.

"Sure Unk, go get changed and I will see you in a few," with that Rex hopped on his bike and pedaled off.

Brat took his 'nephews' advice and headed home a little quicker than normal, he wants to be ready for Rex's return, in case he did bring the lost kid home. There was something about that kid that tugged at his heartstrings.

While Brat was heading home, Rex had caught up with the kid and luckily was able to get the kid to talk;

"Hey there, did you just move here, or are you lost? If you are lost, I can help you. My name is Rex, what's yours?"

"What's it to you, go away, quit bothering me I just want to be alone?" The kid angrily replied to Rex.

What the kid didn't know was that had used his phone to call Brat's Commbadge and had just put it in his pocket; that way Brat could come and help if the kid really needed it.

"Look, kid, I'm an Amerasian and I used to be an orphan, in a white kids orphanage, so cut the bull and tell me what's going on. My Uncle saw you walking and he thought you might need some help. So, tell me why you won't look me in the eye, and why you are wandering around looking at the ground? And don't tell me you don't need help because you do, this is a restricted area and unless you live here you aren't supposed to be here. So, start talking!" Rex finally, decided to let he kid speak, he hoped that by acting like his Dad he could get through to the kid.

"Like you can really help me you're just a kid like me, just leave me alone...wait how did you get out of the orphanage?" The kid stopped his rant and changed his tone and then questioned Rex.

"It's a long story, and if you will come home with me and I will tell you. And even though I am 'just a kid' I CAN help you, but I will let my Uncle, or my Dad help you. My Dad's job is to help kids. And don't worry my Dad and my Uncle are nice guys just talk to them. So, come on I need to get home and fix snacks for my brothers and the Princess..."

"You live with a Princess?" The kid asked in shock.

"Nah, that's just my Dad's nickname for my sister, she isn't too bad for a girl. So, will you come home with me? We can either stop at 'Uncle Brat's' first, or go straight home. If we go straight home, I will have 'Uncle' Brat meet us there, okay?" Rex asked the kid that was finally loosening up.

"I still don't think you or anyone can help but I will go with you for some snacks, and I might just talk with your Uncle, to see if he or you can really help me. So let's go, and by the way my name Xavier, it sounds like it is spelled with a Z but is really spelled with an X." Xavier replied.

Rex got off his bike and then said,

"Okay, Xavier with an X home is that a way."

A few minutes later they arrive at Brat's, Carriage House, and as usual to Xavier's consternation, Rex just opened the door and walked in calling out,

"Uncle Brat, I brought a friend home to meet you, and then we are going home for some snacks."

As Brat walked into the living room the boys were just walking out of the foyer, and Xavier was whispering to Rex,

"Why did you just walk in like that, won't you get into trouble, this isn't your house?"

Brat started laughing which totally confused poor Xavier,

"If you only knew how long it took me to get Rex to treat my home as his home, you wouldn't be asking that question. By the way, we haven't met, but I am Brat and I am Rex's adopted Uncle, and so you don't find out later I work for Starfleet. But that's not important now, I just want to get to know you and see if I can help you." 

 Brat and Xavier talk:

Rex led everyone into Brat's living room and then excused himself to get drinks for everyone. He, of course, didn't ask because he knew that with the cooler days of Autumn that his 'Uncle' Brat liked hot Chai to drink and Rex had gotten a hankering for it too. In fact, he kept a Crockpot full of it on warm, just as his 'Uncle' did. Rex took his time getting everything ready on the tray because he wanted to let Xavier and his 'Uncle' get to know each a little bit without him there.

When Rex returned to the living room, he found everyone in the same place that he had left them; the only difference being that Xavier wasn't sitting ramrod-straight but relaxed and leaning back in the recliner he was sitting in. He thought he saw a slight glistening of moisture on Xavier's face, but he didn't want to be caught staring.

"Xavier, I hope that you like Hot Chai, it is all my 'Uncle' drinks during the Fall and Winter, well when he is not drinking that eggnoggy stuff that he won't let us kids drink, that is. I have learned to like Chai as well, in fact, most of my family drinks it now too." Before Rex could finish his spiel, he was interrupted by his 'Uncle',

"Rex what kind of host are you serving company something to drink without asking them first what they wanted to drink..."

"It's okay Mr. Masterson it smells good and it is warm, and I did get cold walking around," Xavier responded trying to keep Rex out of trouble. However, Rex's response shocked the heck out of him at first, and caused him to quietly chuckle.

"First, of all Uncle Brat, you're the host as it is your house, not mine. I was just trying to be nice because you were too slow..." Rex came to a blubbering stop because he was laughing too hard to talk.

"Now I need to get home and fix the afternoon snack for my brothers and sister before they come looking for me or call Mama Teri to report me missing. Xavier, if you need me just push this and say Rex help, and I will come back for you. Oh, and both of you are expected for dinner, and don't be late, the Princess is cooking, and you know how she gets. Bye," with that Rex handed Xavier his Commbadge and headed home.

If he had looked back, he would have seen Xavier sitting there with a shocked look on his face and his 'Uncle' almost falling out of his chair.

"So, Xavier as you know my name is Brat, well actually it is Lt. Brat Masterson of Starfleet. I wanted you to know that so it wouldn't come as a surprise later. I am in charge of all Starfleet Housing for the HQ region and that includes the Presidio where we are now. So, now you now that I might be able to help you and if I can't Rex or his Dad Kyle, will be able to. As to Rex the Commbadge is his Starfleet issued one, he still has his Clan Short one, so he will be able to receive your call.  Now can you tell me your situation, in order for me to help you, or at least know what needs to be done to help you. Before I forget Rex's Dad, is Commander Kyle Escobar of the Federation Youth Services and he just happens to be the Liaison to Clan Short and is in charge of all of the Children's Homes in North America. Plus, he adopted Rex, Dennis, and Meagan form the same home that he lived in. He has also adopted a new son Misa as a brother/friend for Dennis. Oh, and Mama Teri is actually Teri Short Kyle's Boss, and mother of Cory Short Patriarch of Clan Short. We can help you no matter what your problem is and if Starfleet can't help you the Clan can. Are you with me so far?"

All Xavier could do was nod yes, however, some of the wariness had vanished from his face, and a very slight smile had replaced the look of wariness.

"One more quick thing, I can see that you want to ask me why I am doing this, why I want to help you. There are several different reasons, and please hear me out before you run out of here looking for Rex. Can you please do that for me?" Brat looked directly into Xavier's eyes Ashe was asking his question.

"I guess so," Xavier shyly answered.

"Okay, here goes, it's my job as a Starfleet Officer to help. But that isn't my only reason or my first reason, I want to help because I don't like to see kids hurting or in trouble. The third reason is that as much as I love Rex and his family, I really want a family of my own to love. It is Kyle and his family that made me see what I was missing in my life. And, if those reasons aren't enough, it's also the right thing to do. So, now will you please tell me what's going on with you, and why you were wandering around in a restricted area? Before you say anything, there's nothing that you could tell me that would stop me from wanting, and trying to help you. Now it's your turn and I am all ears." Brat let out a very quiet sigh, as Xavier hadn't run or used Rex's Communicator.

"Yeah right as soon as I tell you anything, you will just turn me over to the police. Then you will forget you ever saw me..." Brat interrupted Xavier by saying,

"First off, you forgot where you are, you're on Starfleet Property and the police don't have jurisdiction here. Plus, since you're telling me, I would just have to take you into custody as a Starfleet Officer. Now did you Murder someone, did you rob a bank, or did you kiss your sister" Brat's last question finally broke down Xavier's defensive demeanour.

"What why would you even ask that? And no, I didn't kill anyone... (Brat heard Xavier mutter under his breath, but I wanted to), and I am ... Fourteen so I couldn't have robbed a bank."

Brat now knew that Xavier was actually the same age as Rex no matter what he said, and by what he muttered under his breath he may have been molested by an adult.

"Xavier why do you want to kill your father, and how long has he been sexually abusing you?" Brat's new questions definitely got Xavier's attention.

"Wait how did you know... Wait I never said anything?" Xavier's defensive posture returned.

"Xavier, you really need to trust me, you told me by the way you answered my questions and the very sad and frightened look in your eyes. I also know that you are really Rex's age, thirteen, not fourteen as you said... Wait let me explain, you are probably thirteen and three quarters just like Rex, and he tells people all the time that he is fourteen. Now before we go any further, I think we need to over to Rex's house, so that I can talk to Kyle and you can talk to Rex, his brothers and his sister. You need to hear from them what they have gone through. In fact, I think you need to meet their new sister, Dulce, as she has been abused just like I think you have, and she can tell you that Kyle doesn't care about that he still loves her. Of course, she doesn't know that Kyle is going to adopt her, and Kyle doesn't exactly know it yet either. Don't worry, you will understand when Princess One shows you her bedroom, as half of the clothes in there, belong to Princess Two also known as Dulce or Dulcie. Now as we walk next-door, I want you to think about living with me and making me happy, and I will and make you happy. Okay?"

Xavier just answered Brat's last question with a shrug, but he let Brat put an arm over his shoulder and went with him to Kyles.

Xavier Melià meets Kyle

Brat just walked into Kyle's house just as Rex did at his, of course, Xavier couldn't believe that people just walked into people's houses the way. If he had done that, well, we won't go there for now. Let's just say the it wouldn't be a good thing. It was a good thing that Xavier had stayed behind because Brat was nearly bowled over by the twin human missiles known as Dennis and Misa.

"Uncle Brat, you're here, come on you have to help us build our Christmas Tree out of Legos®," came flying out the two terrors in stereo.

Brat picked up Misa and gave him a big hug, and then put him down and did the same to Dennis;

"Give me a few minutes guys, but first let me introduce you to Rex and my new friend Xavier..."

"Uncle Brat, does he need help like I did?" Asked the normally shy Misa.

"I think so Misa, but why don't you take him to play Legos with you while I go say hi to the Princess." Was Brat's reply. Poor Xavier, he never even got a chance to get a word out before Dennis and grabbed his hands and dragged him away; he was so stunned he couldn't object, so he went along. Just then Rex came out to see what all the racket was.

"Hi Unk, where's Xavier, you didn't let him leave did you?"

"No, Rex, your brothers captured him and took him away almost as we walked in. You might want to go in and rescue him. Please see if you three can get his story out of him, he needs help, he might be like Dulce, in fact where is Princess #2? Where's your Dad, he is usually home before me?" Brat answered Rex, and then fired questions at him.

"Hey Unk, what happened to your rule about one question at a time, huh?" Rex asked his 'Uncle', and then before Brat could respond answered his questions, one at a time;

"Question number one she is in Naples, at her second home, she had some homework to do with a friend there. Question number two, if you don't move he is going to hit you with the door. I am going to go rescue Xavier, by the way the Princess has commanded you stay for dinner; Bye."


In Dennis and Misa's room Xavier was finally relaxing a bit, he was having problems with the fact that these kids were being so nice to him, when he had just met them. The boys started talking and before he knew Xavier was helping build their Lego Christmas Tree. This was something that he had never experienced before having unsupervised fun and being able to laugh and talk without being punished.  The three boys began talking about school, friends and then surprisingly both Dennis and Misa began talking about their time in the Children's Home. 'I thought that I had it bad, at least I was living at home; both Dennis and Misa had to live in places where they didn't fit, and Dennis was despised and ignored. They seem to be very happy now. Maybe Brat was right.'

Rex arrived just as Xavier asked his brothers about Brat, and why they called him Uncle, and did he make them do things.

"Dennis, and Misa please go ahead and answer Xavier's questions, they are important to him. Your answers may help him with some other questions he has. I am going to help the Princess with dinner, she needs help chopping something. Plus, I need to let her know that we may have more guests for dinner then she planned on. I will explain to Dad why you didn't run out to give him his hugs. That way he won't think you are sick or in a lot of trouble." Rex told his brothers and 'new' friend with a grin, before he ran away, otherwise, he would have gotten pelted with Legos.

As soon as Rex had left, Dennis and Misa told him the story of their lives, Misa made sure that Xavier understood that their Uncle Brat had helped Kyle to adopt him by getting them this house. Both boys also told Xavier that either their Dad or their Uncle would ever do anything like that, and they would take care of anyone that did. We think that Uncle Brat has a hole in his heart that needs to be filled. We think he might want you to fill that hole. So, we have told you our story now it's your turn. Does why you asked those questions about our Dad and Uncle have something to do with why you are here?

Xavier couldn't believe that these two young kids turned the table on him like Dennis and Miss just did. He was still a bit unsure about telling his story to anyone, yet these two young kids had suffered through as much if not more in the lives.

"Okay, I am only telling you this because you might understand what I tell you." Xavier started to tell his story, but he was interrupted by Dennis.

"Don't worry Xavier if Daddy and Uncle Brat can't help you Rex will."

Xavier paused a minute to try and understand what Dennis had said, but he decided to just tell his story and see what happened. Maybe, just maybe somebody could help him.

"Here goes, I ran away this afternoon and these are my school clothes, and the only clothes that I have to wear outside the house." As soon as he had finished saying that Misa looked at Dennis and mouthed,

"17.6 maybe," and then looked back at Xavier, who then continued speaking; as if he hadn't heard them.

"I have to come directly home from school, I also have to walk alone I can't talk to any of my schoolmates either. As soon as I walk in the door, I have to change out of my school clothes into just a pair of soccer shorts and sneakers. Then I have to clean the house, and cook dinner for my stepfather and mother. My brothers and I only get to eat leftovers, so I try to fix extra and put that away before my step comes in and checks on me. If I don't cook, then we don't eat."

"17.1(a) (3) and (4), plus 17.6," this time it was Misa that mouthed the numbers at Dennis.

Again, Xavier just shook his head and then continued with his story,

"But that isn't all, if my step isn't too drunk to function and sometimes even when he isn't he makes us watch him having sex with our mother." A very shocked Misa stood up and said,

"Stop Xavier, you have told us enough we have to take you to our Dad now. You have told us more than enough. My Dad is going to make Brat your new Daddy, and if he can't Rex will." Misa then got walked over and gave the stunned Xavier a bear hug. Dennis walks up and hugged Xavier too and while doing that mouthed to Misa 13.6. They finished their hug and then each took one of Xavier's hands and headed to the living room.

The three boys walked into the living room and Kyle took one look sat their faces, and immediately knew that something was very wrong. He started to say something, but Dennis nodded his head "No" as he and Misa walked Xavier over to sit on the couch.

'I still don't understand how Rex is going to help me if his Dad can't, and how do they know that Brat will take me in and what about my brothers?'

The kids sat down and then Dennis began talking,

"Commander Esperar we need you to perform an SHA extraction and a placement, and probably adoptions. We have the appropriate SHA Articles..." Whatever else Dennis was about to say was interrupted by a purple-haired kid the popped in, hugged Xavier, gave him a cookie and then pulled a piece of paper out of the air and gave it to Dennis and then disappeared.

"Hi Dylan, bye Dylan." Misa and Dennis said simultaneously. Dennis glanced at the paper and then got up and walked over to his Dad and handed him the paper and then told his Dad,

"Commander Esperar, here is the official transcript of a mind-meld performed by a Vulcan trained telepath. The transcript corroborates the story that Misa and I heard, we will also testify to the emotional state of mind during the recital of his story, based on the physical characteristics displayed during his recital. It is our studied opinion that Xavier should be immediately made a ward of the Federation and that his brothers also be removed from their unsuitable accommodations. We have a list of SHA Articles including 12.2 subsections 3, Articles 13 Subsection 6, 17.1(a) (3) and (4), plus 17.6. As to the placement/adoption Articles 134.7, We will need authorization from Lt. Masterson's Superior per Article 134.7, if you are unable to provide this, we will request that the extraction and adoption by performed by Clan Short under the auspices of Article 200: Clan Short Provision. Is there anything else needed Commander Esparar?"

"Thank you, Dennis and Misa Esparar, for your information and assistance in this matter. I will take it from here; in this circumstance, I believe the F.Y.S. Can handle the extraction and the placement, as to Article 134.7 that will not be an issue. Now I need to introduce myself to Xavier and ask him a few easy questions, and then I need to ask Lt. Brat Masterson what his intentions are in this matter. Will the meet with your approval Masters Esparar?" Kyle inquired of both his sons.

"That will be acceptable Commander Esparar, however, all future communications should be through Master Rex Esparar as he is our official Clan Representative." Misa then added quickly,

"Sorry Dad, I meant us kids' Official Representative."

"Don't worry about it, Misa, I understood what you meant, and Rex and Cory should be proud of you, you two did a great job for your first time. Now I better start talking to Xavier as he looks completely lost. I owe you both a hug. Xavier quickly, how many brothers do you have, and write down your address and give it to Brat."

"Xavier answered, two," and before he could ask, Brat handed him, his PADD and opened a notepad on it. While they were doing that Rex came out of the kitchen,

"What's going on? The Princess says dinner will be ready in about twenty minutes?"

"Rex please go tell the Princess that plans have changed, she needs to just finish cooking and then put everything in the refrigerator and freezer if necessary. We will do something else for dinner. Please tell her it's important. Then grab your Clan Extraction gear you are going with your Uncle on your first extraction. Your Uncle is the lead, you can take my Security Team, got it?" Kyle told and asked his son.

While Kyle was talking to Rex, Brat was on his Comm requesting for a security team to join him at the coordinates that he was sending.

"Xavier, I am sorry that things are so crazy, but I really need to know if you want out of your house, and your brothers too, and did your Mom do anything to stop your Stepfather from these Violations of the Safe Haven Act? I know that you probably don't understand a lot of what is going on. I promise you that while Lt. Masterson and Rex are rescuing your brothers, if that is what you want; I will explain everything. Now, what do you want us to do?" Kyle very calmly asked Xavier.

"Yes, Lt. Esparar I want my brothers out of that place, and my Mother always did what that man told her to do, it was if she forgot we even existed at times. All I want is for a family that loves us, and I don't think that is going to happen on Christmas Eve." Xavier broke down crying, Kyle went over and hugged him.

"Kyle, Xavier and his brothers can stay with me, I request placement, for now, we will discuss more after the New Year when everything calms down.  Is that okay with you Xavier?" Brat asked him and Kyle.

Rex appeared in his Clan Uniform and Phaser, and if that wasn't enough to totally confuse Xavier, Rex's next words did,

"Dad, Comm your Boyfriend Billy Ray and tell him to get over here and to bring Princess #2 with him." Rex wasn't sure about Xavier, however, the look of relief in his eyes when Rex mentioned boyfriend told him he was right. He also knew that Dulce might help, plus she could need Meagan company. "

"Dad, I already commed your security detail they will be here shortly. Come, Uncle, we have some kids to rescue."  Rex then went and gave both Kyle and Xavier a hug, and as soon as the front doorbell rang, he and Brat left. However less than a minute after they left, Rex come back in and yelled,

"Bye Princess."

He was gone before Meagan could reply.

"Boys could you please go into the kitchen and help your sister clean up and put dinner away. Once Rex and Brat return, we will decide what to do for dinner. We could always go visit your Uncle Cecil at Denny's." Kyles request got Misa and Dennis up and running.

"Xavier if you would come with me to my office, I can explain things and show you a few things on my terminal that will help you understand everything that has been happening and what is going to happen next. Do you have any questions before we head to my office?" Kyle asked the teenager that was beginning to look a bit scared and confused.

"Yeah, why did Rex dress like that what did Dennis mean that if you couldn't help me Rex could, why was Rex carrying a weapon?" Xavier fired the questions out of his mouth so fast, they sounded like a single question.

Kyle started to chuckle a bit, which confused Xavier again.

"Xavier, although you asked three separate questions, they all have one answer, Clan Short. That is one of the things I wanted to explain to you in my office. But the 'short' answer is our family are members of Clan Short, and Rex is their official representative here. I promise you that once I explain everything to you, it will make sense. If it doesn't, I will have you call someone that will help you. Misa and Dennis can answer your questions as well. Shall we go, and don't worry my office door will be open, okay?"

"I sure hope that someone explains what is going on, because I am really confused, and I really want a loving family for Christmas," Xavier replied and let Kyle lead him to his office.

"Trust me, Xavier, I want that for you as well, I have that and so should you. I know that Brat would like that too, and that way I get my kids all to myself. Don't worry I am only kidding about that last part. Before you ask Brat will make you and your brothers a good Dad." Kyle put his arm over Xavier's shoulder and to his surprise, Xavier leaned into him and walked into his office with him. 

Xavier calls Momma Teri

Almost an hour later Brat and Rex returned, and Xavier and Kyle had just finished talking. Xavier still had some questions.

"Xavier it is getting late, but I still want you to have your Christmas Present, it is only ten o'clock where I want you to call, don't worry the person that I want you to talk to won't mind. HOWEVER, I will let you talk to her first, that way she won't yell at me. Now don't forget to call her Mama Teri. Do you think you can do that, just a sec, Billy Ray tell Xavier here that your Mom will want to talk to him, and answer his questions.?" Kyle roped his boyfriend into helping.

"Xavier, I am Billy Ray, I am Kyle's Assistant and Teri's son, she lives to help kids, and she would be very upset if she could help you and you didn't call her. So, let Kyle contact her on his terminal for you, and then we will move out of the way and you can talk to her. Can you do that?"

"Are you sure it's okay it is late wherever she is?" As he had finished his question Rex stuck his head in and said,

"Dude call her she is really nice, while you are doing that, we will get your brothers showered and into some real clothes. Dad you have to buy Dinner for your Security Team and Billy Ray's too they are in the living room playing games with the Princesses. Well, part of your team is helping Uncle Brat fix the boys' rooms, I'll be downstairs, I have some Clan Business to take care of." Rex hugged Xavier, kissed his Dad and Billy Ray and was gone.

While Rex was distracting Xavier, Kyle had entered Teri's info into his Terminal. As soon as Xavier turned back to the terminal, Kyle pushed the connect button. Seconds later Teri's face appeared.

"Merry Christmas K..., I am sorry I was expecting to see Commander Esparar, how can I help you?"

"Mama Teri, my name is Xavier Melià and Mr. Kyle says that he can Make Lt. Masterson, I mean Brat my Daddy and my brothers Daddy as well can he really? He said he could cause of FYS and SHA does that make sense?" Xavier asked Teri.

"Yes, Xavier your new Uncle Kyle can really do that and a lot more, to save everyone time I just need the actual SHA Articles and you and your brothers' names and birth info, hold on a sec, Tommy tell Rex thanks. Thanks to your new cousin I have all the information I need, and It is now in both the Federation Youth Services and the Clan's Database. Rex says that you need to go to take your brothers over to your new house. Now go have a Merry Christmas. Before I forget, tell your New Daddy that you Uncle Kyle can perform the adoptions whenever you and your brothers want. Please notice that I said when you and your brothers want not when your new Daddy wants. Is that all right with you? "

"Yes, thank you, Mama Teri, you are even nicer than Uncle Kyle said you are were. Bye." Xavier didn't even give Teri a chance to say goodbye as he was running out the door to find his brothers and his new Daddy.

"Kyle according to Rex's report things were even worse than you knew, they found hidden cameras. Don't worry Brat and his men took care of everything. Brat has a cleaning/refurb team going there tomorrow. I want you to have all of the financial details taken care of on Monday, sell the house unless the boys want it and then put the money into a trust fund. Before I forget Timmy says he will be at your house at nine am to go visit Aunt Ginger. Short Out."

Kyle stood there in shock, Billy Ray closed his mouth with a kiss. Kyle then arranged to have both family's and the Security Teams to be transported to Denny's® in Des Moines Iowa for a Christmas Eve Dinner.

Will they be stranded in Denny's for Christmas, check back next year?

Merry Christmas to All! 

The End

Author's Notes:

I hope that you enjoyed the further Tales of Kyle Escobar. I do apologize for the lack of editing, however, due to a bad cold, compounded by a power outage, I didn't finish writing this until just before 1 AM Christmas Morning. Oh yeah, I forgot to say that all characters that appear in this story are properties of their Authors, Owners, The CSU, and Clan Short Productions. Oh, and The Story Lover Productions. All characters, not mine, appear with Timmy Short's permission since he resides in my brain now, I just asked him.

And remember that Christmas is for everyone but above all the Children.

I do appreciate hearing from my readers at The Story Lover

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